Intel's Desperate Price CUTS – WAN Show Oct 4, 2019

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Intel's Desperate Price CUTS - WAN Show Oct 4, 2019 1
Intel's Desperate Price CUTS - WAN Show Oct 4, 2019 2
Intel's Desperate Price CUTS - WAN Show Oct 4, 2019 3
Intel's Desperate Price CUTS - WAN Show Oct 4, 2019 4
Intel's Desperate Price CUTS - WAN Show Oct 4, 2019 5

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  1. Timestamps;

    0:24 Finished filming scrapyard wars

    0:45 Topic rundown

    1:34 Intro

    2:07 Scrapyard wars salt

    2:57 Intel's desperate price cuts + Linus's rant

    13:54 Fanboy'ism talk

    14:45 Windows rant

    17:10 Back to fanboy'ism talk

    27:34 Sponsor Pulseway

    28:20 Sponsor Squarespace

    29:06 Sponsor Private Internet Access

    30:03 New Dank Merch, elemental deal and older merch removal

    34:25 Other processor pricing news

    42:44 Linus's rant on intel naming their cpu

    44:40 Linus showcasing Samsung Galaxy Fold with certain apps

    47:43 Microsoft's new dual screen device(s)

    48:35 Praising Microsoft for 'adaptability'

    50:38 Comparing Samsung Galaxy Fold with Microsoft Surface Duo continued by more Samsung Fold talk.

    54:48 Back to Microsoft Surface Duo

    56:34 Linus excited about Microsoft and Google working together and eco system talk

    1:01:53 Google sued in the UK

    1:05:11 Superchats

    1:17:07 Browsing r/neverbrokeabone 'joke' subreddit

  2. Linus, Microsoft 48:14 phones make me po'd. I went from Blackberry to the Windows phone and fully expected them to carve out a market share and they just let it die. They had the money to invest and turn Apple phones on their ear but didn't challenge the market hard enough. iPhone and iPad are the only Apple products I use because they just work when needed 🙁 Wish others would just give us that and I would go there. On the shirt, YES a soccer shirt with tech styling I would buy from you.

  3. 12:00 On the subject of reliability and future proofing, a mate and I both got a AMD 754 socket set and the M/B blew up – they had a bad batch.*
    And then AMD went to 939 and then AM2 in a year or two, cutting off upgrade paths for 754. Meanwhile if you had got a Intel at the same time you had a lot of ongoing options.
    AMD took a bath on that, it's what stopped them being competitive for a while.
    [So for ages I avoided AMD.]

    In fact I suspect AMD's much better upgrade path and ongoing processor support may be as a response to acknowledging their mistakes – like a car company that used to make unreliable cars but now makes reliable ones offering a 5 or 7 year warranty.

    *It was the first 64 bit M/B, and to add insult to injury, the builder (that got constant top reviews in local PC mags, cause the submitted a bespoke system for every issue) swapped out my ANTEC power supply for a no name Chinese brand that had only 2/3 the power. Didn't discover for years after when finally took it to a different shop.

  4. 11:28 It is scientifically proven that humans can notice a 10% difference in performance but less probably not.
    11:47 The amount of people I had say "i don't care" to me back then when I pointed out the AMD chip was faster was unbelievable. It was just because those people didn't like to think that they were making a mistake. Also being told that by kid was tough to take.

    15:35 The problem with complaints like this and the windows update complaint is that YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO CONFIGURE IT. By default Windows search will only scan the C: drive. You have to tell it where to search to get everything. Yes this config is dumb but you can't expect Microsoft to configure your software the way you like it for you. Mac's work like that because their user base was too stupid to figure out windows in the first place

    21:43 Are you sure it isn't irony? I thought WAN show was not supposed to be Linus whine time anymore

  5. Still running a Phenom ii X4 965 black with slight OC no problems. Will probs upgrade when am5 comes out and by then prices should be super competitive i hope. then keep that for another decade lol

  6. I bought nothing but AMD cpu's from 2001-2015. Thats about a new computer per 12-18months. Every single last one of them gave me a headache in some form. Mostly due to drivers and hardware that is compatible having issues. Then guess what I did in 2015! Bought Intel first time since a Pentium-MMX brand. Not had a single issue!!! at all!! Made me realize saving 20-120 bucks per build going AMD was not worth it(lower savings closer to 2019, higher back in early 00's). In other words, price and performance isn't the only thing I am looking at these days. I want day 1 driver support, without issues with any major big market owning hardware. Something Intel delivered for me since 2015 in 3 different PC builds. Heard some weary stuff on launch of current AMD cpu's, to seemingly seems they have it ironed out now. But I'm waiting for next revision, then I'll take another look. Going to be building a new rig come this tax season, or I'm buying into VR.

  7. The search of the windows start menu doesn't even have to index files. I would be very pleased if it would find the basic windows tools like device manager or task manager….

  8. After the price cuts, intel yes will be better price to performance than slot of 1000 and 2000 Ryzen CPU’s, but the latest Ryzen 3000 zen2 CPU’s still beat intel in price to performance by a good amount in a lot of work loads etc.
    And yes I know intel are better than AMD and some thing and some workloads

  9. lol@Turbo-boost in 2019….
    I paid $1000 for a 386sx 33Hz with a turbo boost button to get 66Hz…
    in 1994! 2 Megs of ram, 120 Meg HD, hahahaha

    Games loaded in the autoexec.bat:
    Wing commander, Dune 2, Doom II, CIV I, Sexual Tension, Family Feud 😀

  10. Linus just likes to get biased based on raw performance numbers, and he misunderstands when people say "they like a brand". He doesn't understand that people can like brands for more than just raw numbers, and it has nothing about the "brand loving you back". Many consumers wants reliability of a product and/or better customer service over "a few percent faster for equal amount of money". I would absolutely upgrade to an Intel again as I've experienced them more reliable than AMD. I keep reading of immense issues with AMD Ryzen processors and motherboards and I just want a computer that works so I would not go for AMD at the moment as I want to spend my time on more productive things than fixing my broken PC. I would absolutely go for AMD when they seem more reliable though.

  11. Las thing that happened to me: I still have no ethernet in my new home, and as my external Wi Fi dongle is not very good I am using the ethernet port plugged to a Wi Fi repeater, and it works great in my Manjaro Lignux, giving me almost the 10 Mb/s (100Mb) fiber I have, but to install and download some "new" GOG games I purchased, and attend Origin and EA free deals, I booted my MS WOS and the internet speed was less than 1/10 so I wnt back to boot with Manjaro and install the clients with Lutris, and the games in the Lignux/MSWOS shared NTFS partitions for windows games.

    I am starting using Linux for MS WOS games because they are most time better running under wine / proton and that is a pleasant surprise

  12. I do not think being a "Fan Boy" is bad, WHAT does make it bad is when the fan boy is ignorant and stupid…..I am a AMD, linux, win7 fan boy.
    Yes Fuck Nvidia, Intel and any windows 8 and above…….BUt again
    Nvidia is a great GPU, they mostly always win, but they are pricey,why I am AMD
    Intel has for years had better motherboards, hence my first ITX PC, which I am typing this on is Intel, and has given me less shit then my prior AMD systems
    My current workhorse is a Ryzen 1600 ITX on win 7, Seriously screw win 8 and up, But I only have 6 threads of my 12 threads working. on Linux woohoo, but in linux gaming can be an issue especially if you know nothing about linux, hence windows just works better for everyone
    Be a Fan Boy, but be reasonable

  13. the cost of both processors are 999$ no 999$ each, is just under the list of prices with an * on it, and the core2quad CPU have a internal comunication between CPU at the speed of the FSB.
    in this case the main diference is Amd have 2 separated CPU sockets for each die and intel have both on the same package, "Analogous to the Pentium D branded CPUs, the Kentsfields comprise two separate silicon dies (each equivalent to a single Core 2 duo) on one MCM.[3] This results in lower costs but lesser share of the bandwidth from each of the CPUs to the northbridge than if the dies were each to sit in separate sockets" (Wikipedia)
    so more power hungry yes, but 2 NUMA nodes on the case od AMD and the half of the memory banchwitdh in the case of intel… no counting performance diference, I don't think this machine will be for games at the time, and more as an editing machine or something like that than for gaming and the most of the reviews this last years are maindly focus on gaming benchmark (3D Mark, Tomb raider. ) instead of video compresion (DVD video creation at the time) or rendering (3D Studio/Autocad)

  14. I was and thuderbird and duron 1600 user but went back to intel for 6600. I've been a 7 fan boy ever since but since they screwed me over with a i7 8core and no hyperthreading instead makeing a new i9 with 8core and hyperthreading, the very thing the i7 should have been and lifting up price significantly intel can go something the!self's. I'd still get a hotel f the price and performance were right but sadly if the difference was 1 % against and I would go amd now. I know I'm sad

  15. What about the Budget PCs you guys built, can you sell those?
    Scrapyard Wars 2019 Winner – $500 PC that you sell for exactly $500 to either a Canadia local or buyer pays shipping?
    Because its not like Linus with his 3 BFGDs would need that, might as well sell them?

  16. At the start of show – "Intel slashes their prices"
    Me: Checks my wishlist's Intel I5-9600KF.
    – price has gone up from 225€ to 250€.

    Welp… I guess the slashing means something else in Canada.

  17. Moore’s law is dead YouTube channel made an video about calculating a fair price on these intel CPU’s so if you are thinking of buying intel you should watch it first.

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