iPhone 11 – FINALLY worth upgrading?

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44 Comments on “iPhone 11 – FINALLY worth upgrading?”

  1. Why we don't hear about the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN PHONES ?- signal reception, how WiFi Calling and Volte works, how phone works as communication device (call quality, noise cancelation and how keyboard feels while typing).

  2. One of the things I dislike with apple is something I notice every time I go to class. Me and my friend both get our tablets out to have the slides at hand, I have a galaxy tab s while she uses an iPad mini (1st gen). Both tablets work magnificently after all the years, that is not the problem. The issue becomes obvious when the class pauses and I start a race on Mario Kart Tour, which got out a few weeks ago. She can't do the same, since she hasn't been able to install an app in years because her iPad didn't get updates for that long. She can't download older versions of apps which were already out on ios9 since her iPad isn't hacked. Although ios means you get updates for a long time, when you stop getting them it becomes much less useful. I haven't had an update on my tab s in years either, but apps are compatible between versions or downloadable online in any older releases.
    Sure, I don't have the awesome apps my classmates with brand new iPad have to take notes, scan whiteboards and use a stylus (plus, airplay for sharing the teacher's PowerPoint to people who haven't downloaded it works like a charm). But I'm pretty sure that my tab s will outperform them when the time comes where Apple doesn't want to update those devices anymore.

  3. Camera is not everything on a phone ..One Plus 7t Has A 1080p Oled Display With 90hz Refresh Rate , Has A Good Battery (Great When Toned Down To 60hz , Has A Good Overall Design With A Smaller notch And A Freaking Fast Charger (Sadly Apple Only Provides 5W Charger And 18 W Apple Charger Is Expensive) And You Guys Ever Heard Of Gcam ? Google Software Alone Has Been Beating Iphones In Computational Photography And The Pricing Is Just An Icing On Cake Of One plus rather than of iphone 11..I Dont know About You Guys But One plus 7t is a clear winner Formyself (Note- Rn im a ios user but im getting this one plus 7t and probably shifting to android 🤟🏻)

  4. You guys are a canadian company, but your main sponsor is a US teleco with promising service that I won't be able to use thanks to the CRTC. fuck this.

  5. Synthwave together with Anthony is something I never knew I needed, up until now xP
    Anthony is such a treasure, by far my favourite guy on LTT, he even (I dare say!) passed Linus himself for me.

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