Microsoft Releases New Features for Windows 10 Calculator

Microsoft has recently decided to open-source the Windows 10 Calculator app, and by the looks of things, things have so far been going great in terms of new feature additions.

The software giant has recently released an updated Calculator app that comes with a slightly-improved UI, but at the same time, also adds support for trigonometry and functions.

Beginning with this update, the Calculator app displays two such dedicated buttons right in the main UI, and clicking trigonometry, for instance, lets you use functions like sin, cos, cot, and tan with just a click. The same for functions, which makes it possible to choose between a total of six different options from the drop-down menu.

Update already live on Windows 10 19H2

According to HTNovo, the update for the Calculator app is available right now for users running Windows 10 19H2 on their devices.

Windows 10 19H2 is Microsoft’s next feature update for Windows 10, and the company announced earlier this month that the final build is already there. An ETA as to when the rollout of Windows 10 19H2 is projected to start isn’t available just yet, but users enrolled in the Slow ring of the Windows Insider program can already download this final build.

After installing the update, the Calculator app version number should be 10.1909.1.0.

Most likely, the same features will go live for everyone once the Windows 10 19H2 feature update goes live, and there’s a good chance that users running older versions of Windows 10 would get them too after installing the latest Calculator app release.

Given that the Calculator app is now an open-source project, we should expect more frequent updates going forward, include new features that are based on the ideas shared by users and contributions of other developers across the world.

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