Nintendo’s FAILURE – Virtual Boy 3D Gaming Console

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46 Comments on “Nintendo’s FAILURE – Virtual Boy 3D Gaming Console”

  1. Showing off nintendo's failed project + showing off custom edits that they couldn't finish themselves + pirated rom + video about that pirated rom = Nintendo just shaking in furious anger 🎮

  2. Imagine a future where Taran edits these videos faster than linus can get the wan show pc to work
    and you can actually experience these in sequence

    I bet all it takes is adobe fixing their shit so he can flex his hotkeys

  3. The controller is amazing. With this and the N64 it's clear that Nintendo had a clear idea on how to control games in a "3D Environment". Would love to see someone attempt to make a symmetric controller like the VB one again.

  4. 'as if playstation controller had a great great grandpa who remembers when we didn't need analogue sticks'…

    So the original PS1 controller?

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