Our Smallest Gaming PC Build EVER!

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Our Smallest Gaming PC Build EVER! 2
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45 Comments on “Our Smallest Gaming PC Build EVER!”

  1. who's choice was it to have the annoying ass clanking sound music in the background? i had to stop the video to see if it was something annoying clicking in my computer. nope, just shitty music choice.

  2. I have a itx System so I can have good mobility and much better performance than a similarly priced laptop. I think these tiny blocks are underrated and you should give it a try if you’re a college student considering getting a gaming laptop that weighs around 5-6 pounds without the power supply.

  3. Id love to see it this build with a b450 and a 3600 with a 1660ti mini. Temps and noise would be more respectable and itd still be a more than capable 1080p portable gaming machine.

  4. Anybody else noticed that all the current builds coming out by the YouTube build community are all packing Ryzens? Says something. Too bad I need to spend money on family first before considering anything. Nah, my computers are just fine anyways, don't need to upgrade. Waste of money to do it.

  5. honestly… I'll probably be in the market for a new PC next year and I want to get a small one (I already have a laptop) and this one looks like it'll do it for me. I hope AMD's APUs will be good enough so I won't need to put a GPU in this (save money and sweat)

  6. That was Velka 3, around 4L in volume. If you think that's small, check out the Velka 5, a case that can fit a full length GPU, SFX power supply and some 2.5" drives in 5-something liters of volume. The marvels of SFF…

  7. With Noctua L9 you will not hit more then 3,95GHZ under full load so it's better to underclock cpu to 3,9. You will got 50% less of power draw and 20C lower temp of CPU. In games Cpu will be 5% slower but almost silent 🙂

  8. 16:42 No! There's something you can do about that. Switching the in-built fan in the PSU will actually remove all your problems if you switch it with a noctua one. One youtuber did it on his review of the Velka 3, and it worked like a charm. Pls do somethin like this.

  9. I would wish for a slightly larger case so that regular fans could be used at the top and maybe on added to the front. Otherwise, watching this assembly was an eye opener. I thought it was impossible watching this at the beginning. But I wonder… will it play Counter Strike? LOL!

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