Pixelbook Go Review: The Long Game

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39 Comments on “Pixelbook Go Review: The Long Game”

  1. You can sign into multiple accounts on a Chromebook, and switch between them easily with Ctrl + Alt + . (period)

  2. Few things…

    The Chrome OS is meant to run on low spec systems… which means their systems are low spec coz it doesn't really need much power.
    Windows and Mac OS are better which means this one isn't all that good.
    It only has 2 USB C ports…WTF? what happens if you wanna connect normal USB stuff? so the features are limited also

    So it has less features, less functionality and less power under the hood but it looks good.

    So the real question here is, why the F… is it so expensive?

  3. As a student who uses cheap, plasticy chromebooks at school, I doubt I’m going to use one in the business world

  4. Not a bad plan from google. That's what apple did in the 90s where every school got free macs and now all the younger people use macs

  5. Schools are playing their part in creating the next generation of luddites. Great job. Let's not buy people devices that can do more than web browsing! People might actually learn something!

  6. My work is 97% based in Web Browsers, and 3% in bash commands. WE even use online apps to edit documents and Worksheets. So it would be a great excuse to ditch Windows for once.

  7. My biggest issue with Chromebooks, and it's been this way for a long time now, is that after a few years(usually 5) they stop reviving updates, thus making what is a lot of times still useful hardware into paperweights, and yes you can hack a lot of Chromebooks into running full Linux, but that is beyond the average user.
    My other issue is most Chromebooks have soldered on flash memory storage, which I've had a couple of Chromebooks died on me before they EOL(End of Life) dates again turning the hardware I paid good money for into paperweights.
    At least with something like an old Lenovo Thinkpad that has Windows on it, I can reformat the drive, and install whatever Linux Distro I want. Google needs to make a way at EOL for users to be able to install what ever OS they want onto the hardware, and give the user a better way to replace/upgrade their storage if ever need be, then I would not have so many issues with Chromebooks.

  8. 5:30 I am currently using a chromebook with limited functionality (chool) and I do not have this problem, it is sometimes annoying to change the url from u/1 to u/0 but that's about it, it is perfectly usable

  9. One the mainstream Youtube Tech reviewer who actually mentioned that you can install Linux apps on a Chromebook directly from settings.

  10. * Chrome OS it's a totally unnecessary product
    But the PixelBook or the ChromeBook can be necessary product if they have a fair price AND IF you put a normal Linux distribution on it. like:

    Elementay OS
    Linux Mint

    Open SUSE

    And the list can be continue… Chrome OS by Google is unnecessary product.

  11. Hi LMG. I have another opinion about the target of this product. Google is "forcing" Google Suite for a very compelling price for a lot of business, from small businesses to very large companies. Considering that not every business will use adobe premiere and Google Docs might be enough for a significant portion of the business, Google could easily sell hundreds of thousands of these products to companies stealing a lot of Microsoft, HP, Dell, and Lenovo market share at THE SAME TIME. For the build quality and security features, I think this is the exact market portion google is attacking FIRST.

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