You Can Save As Much as RM644 If You Purchase iPhone 11 One Year Later

iPrice-Data iPhone 11 One Year Later

iPhone 11 has been released and will be officially available on 27 September 2019. However, with an opening price tag of RM4,099 (for the 256GB model), users who are looking to save RM644 might want to purchase the new iPhone one year later.

The price drop was found based on historical data of price drops of previous iPhone models launched. On average, the prices of iPhones saw an overall decrease of 5.2% after six months and 15.7% after 365 days. This was evident in previous Apple smartphones such as iPhone XS which saw an opening price of RM5,699 and saw a price drop up to RM5,099 12 months later.

Previous iPhones which saw the biggest price drop within is the iPhone X, with an opening price of RM5,899 and saw its original price tag drop by 45% at an average price of RM3,199 as of September 2019, almost two years after it was released.

Other interesting insights for the discount-hunter iPhone buyer:

  1. Historical data shows that iPhone prices slash up to half three years after the original release For example, the price of iPhone 7 price dropped by 55% to RM1,900, three years after it was launched.
  2. Prices of iPhones start to drop usually six months after it is launched. On average, Apple’s iPhones drop by 5% after six months.
  3. Observing the average price differences between the last four iPhone models, Apple’s smartphones usually experience a 7% drop in price one year after it is released in the Malaysian market. This price drop was observed when analyzing the prices of iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone XS.
  4. The iPhone X saw the biggest price drop as compared to other models. During the first six months, iPhone X saw a reduction in its price tag up to 11% from its initial price. 12 months later, the price of this model reduced as much as 27% from its initial price. Potential reasons for this significant drop in prices was Apple’s decision to discontinue the iPhone X model to focus on the iPhone XS model.
  5. Observing the historical price drop of iPhones, the new iPhone 11 will probably see price reduction six months after it is released. After three years, the price of iPhone 11 will most likely see a 55% reduction from its original price.

Research Methodology:

All the iPhone models selected in this study are a flagship type with silver finish and 256GB storage capacity. The price list of iPhones at the release period is taken from the that is recorded using the Wayback Machine website. The price list of iPhones after 6 months and 12 months of release is taken from iPrice database, aggregated from thousands of online shops which sold brand new iPhone at the lowest price.

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