SOCAR Malaysia has a Fleet of 2,000 Vehicles for Rent

SOCAR 2k-car-fleet-malaysia

SOCAR Malaysia – Malaysia’s biggest car-sharing platform, revealed broader services, upgraded features and a revamped customer service team. Having whetted the public’s appetite with tongue-in-cheek teasers on billboards along major roads and highways, including the Federal Highway, Damansara-Puchong Expressway, Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Kuching, all was revealed in an event that highlighted SOCAR’s ability to fulfil its members’ deepest desires.

“Although we have seen the demand for car sharing increase tremendously since we first started in January 2018 – testament that choosing Malaysia as the first overseas expansion for SOCAR was the right choice, we are celebrating this key milestone of having deployed 2,000 cars to underline our strength as a tech-enabled company. At SOCAR, we use data to tap into the preferences of our customers, rolling out car models at locations and price points that prove irresistible to our end user. Ultimately, we want SOCAR to go beyond mobility by allowing users to really tap into their deepest desires by giving them the freedom to go to the places they want to,” said Leon Foong, CEO of SOCAR Malaysia.

“We’ve looked at the demand and driving patterns of our SOCAR members and over time we’ve rolled out new services such as Oneway to the Airport and our newly expanded SOCAR2U service where we deliver a car right to your doorstep. Driven by data, we are a stronger SOCAR, even more attuned to customer preferences. Over the next 12 months, we will be focusing on delivering a customer-first SOCAR experience from the moment you sign up to the very moment you return your car. One example of this is how the majority of our local driver licence approvals are now done within 2 minutes, as long as you enter the right details and expiry dates,” he added.

At the event, SOCAR Malaysia announced the expansion of their door-to-door car delivery service in the Klang Valley, now branded SOCAR2U. To meet the growing demand from members, the service now covers the span from USJ21 to Bukit Bintang to Kota Damansara. Users can reserve their preferred car and have it delivered to their desired pick-up point, as well as have the car picked up from their preferred return location – for a fee of RM10.00, as long as the location is within the service coverage area.

“Based on our growth since we launched at the beginning of last year, Malaysians are embracing our mission to enable people to enjoy the convenience and pleasure of having a car without the commitment and hassle of owning one. Our membership base has grown to 500,000 strong and we are proud to be the pioneers of true car-sharing as the majority of our members only book cars for the hours that they need it. Our typical reservation is 4-5 hours but some users do book it up to 30 days! We started with only 100 SOCAR zones and are proud to have grown that tenfold to over 1,000 SOCAR zones across the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. If you’re living outside these areas, rest assured that we are looking to expand our services to other states in Malaysia in the near future,” Leon added.

Currently, SOCAR Malaysia has a fleet of 2,000 vehicles covering 26 different models including the Volkswagen Polo, Perodua Alza, BMW 330e and Mazda CX-5, with new cars added to the fleet almost every month.

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