Testing out Mystery Chinese CPUs

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  1. 18:24 Um… Wasn't there actually a video where they tested all kinds of different applications, also different amounts, that resulted in basically that you can't put on too much?… As in, a thick goopy layer didn't make the temperatures any worse… It might even have been this channel, but I don't remember exactly who it was. – MAYBE Jay Z Two Cents… But I think not…

  2. I've been looking at upgrade options for my home server, it pretty much needs to be low-power, high core count, and able to handle large amounts of memory. So on the face of it these would be a good option, but there's a few problems. Firstly, it looks like stability isn't guaranteed, which is usually considered a plus for a server. Secondly, you need to mod the BIOS, which could be difficult without a compatible CPU to boot the board and flash the BIOS. And third, but crucially, I can't understand a single thing on that taobao page. I'm used to buying gear from China off eBay or Aliexpress, but I have no idea how to order off taobao, so that pretty much sinks that idea.

    I'll probably just go with a 45W Ryzen "E" model like the 2700E or 2600E. Although they're pretty hard to come by, so I might have to settle for a 35W APU like the 2400GE, which are pretty common on eBay and Aliexpress. Only 4 cores and I have no need for the GPU, not to mention the big drop in cache, but they're certainly cheaper and lower-power.

  3. What's the deal with him constantly using weed smoker slang in regards to computer hardware? It's fucking weird. He said the Intel stock heatsink was a pinner

  4. If you're going to test new Corsair water blocks, how about testing them on hardware that people who have custom loops would actually be interested in. How the hell am I supposed to be able to guage the effectiveness of their water blocks on some generic Chinese garbage? Why not use them on a 9900K or a 2080 Ti? You know, the kind of hardware enthusiasts actually give a shit about

  5. This kind of topics about Chinese P.C hardware is always mysterious and exiting.
    Like examining alien technoligy. (no not Alienware)

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