The Best Console (is a PC)

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49 Comments on “The Best Console (is a PC)”

  1. Entered, despite watching and reading all pc related stuff. I've not had one for years. Miss all those gigahertz and rams man.

    Had to sell my desktop replacement laptop for legal costs! Regret it to this day.

  2. I have all consoles but mostly like my PS4 the most then Switch.
    However you cannot get cheaper than buying a 2nd hand xbox.
    Then pay for the combo subscription of gold + game pass. Or gold then introductory offer of $1 for 3 months game pass.
    You can play Gears 5 etc for $1 & have 3 months with it or a lifetime if you keep paying.
    That game pass is sadly the best value entertainment in the world ever.
    I mean for 3 months it works out between 1-2 cents per day. That also gives you all the latest exclusives plus tonnes of AAA games.
    It is the most amazing value I have come across in decades & decades of gaming.
    Dads. Just buy your kids an xbox & the game pass +gold & they are set forever} if you keep paying a few dollars a month.
    I wish Playstation & Switch had the same thing.

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  4. Is that the moron that said that Lenovo should remove the TrackPoint from the ThinkPad? If so, if I see your Surface Laptop i'll smash it and record it on YouTube for the MONEYZ

  5. CPU's have pins… How about making something that moves the CPU off the board and incase it and water cool….like a nuclear reactor cooling core

    Wouldn't that be possible somehow??

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