The Best-Looking CPU Cooler! – Noctua Chromax Black

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  1. did the LTT version of the coolers ended?

  2. Just bought a Noctua NH14, but damn.. now I want a black one, even if my box is fully closed 🙂

  3. Hello there BeQuiet fans 😀

  4. Nice haircut. No really ………

  5. I would hate to be paying for YouTube red and still have to watch these segways into sponsor ads 😒

  6. Noctua have earned my trust. I shall purchase now.

  7. "We are here to make fans metal. We will make everything metal. Blacker than the blackest black times infinity."

  8. I fear no man.

    But that thing …
    It scares me.

  9. Aww man.. Would have loved to seen this come out a few days earlier. I got tired of waiting for this and CM's new 620M and grabbed up a DRP4.. Looks like Amazon isn't getting them in til the 16th anyhow, and my 3900x is getting impatient..

  10. I looked at the thumbnail and thought Linus was about to go “hey guys, Linus here”. The thumbnails seem to be going in that direction, anyways.

  11. Ma Gawd! That cooler is the same size as Linus' head! 😵😵😵

  12. Happy happy. Joy joy.

  13. New haircut? Legit makes a difference 😍

  14. When does he get his haircuts? His hair has been exactly the same for a couple years' worth of videos now

  15. and you make jokes about RGB!
    you're just as childish as RGB lovers 😛

  16. Can you guys review really low-cost cheap cases? I want to see you cut your fingers. It will amuse me.

  17. You finally get a nice haircut. Nice

  18. Please do a PC build or Setup that is themed after the normal noctua fans so that they look good at least once

  19. Anytime you put a coating over metal, it holds heat in or fundamentally doesnt allow it to dissipate as much heat. Love the black fans, not the black cooler.

  20. This cooler is more like MKBHD edition….an ltt edition would be filled with RGB

  21. This made my day! 😀

  22. I’ve bought the NH-D15 because of three reasons:
    1) Because of the LTT limited edition;
    2) Because Seb has presented the product;
    3) Because a Noctua in black version is everything.

    Thanks ❤️

  23. I think the best thing about Noctua is that is doesn't matter whether you want air cooling, or water cooling. If you want the best, you pretty much need noctua parts. I type this as I have 4 noctua fans running on the water cooling for my system.

  24. Noctua deShitColorized?

  25. People who build their PC from inside to look good… are idiots

  26. I'd be all over these if they were releasing a black version of their a12x25 line.

  27. Can't wait until Noctua gives Linus a proper haircut.

  28. I went to displayed website, typed in Honda, got a Ducati posted, followed by a linus "the lambo" poster.

  29. khm "be quiet!" Is all black heh

  30. Literally could have just made the fan black and it would have been a massive improvement

  31. I love my d15. It's so damn quiet, and I added the linus edition nff12 on the front just for the extra jazz last round. I don't mind the chrome nickel look…and don't need one, but damn that black is sexy.

  32. I have a suggestion as for cooling or not cooling concerning, please do a review on how high exactly a ryzen temp gets before it defuncts or shuts off because of high temps , (i do not mean thermal throttle) …because we all know how high it will be on a intel cpu but , the consumer conception on how high is high for a ryzen i5 to shut off for example is nowhere to find… i have temps on a stock ryzen i5 with stock fan at 40 till 55c, i find it pretty high but according to amd this would be totally normal..

  33. 20% is major variance, such a scam company

  34. Audio is worse than the hair

  35. i think that is less noise then my HDD

  36. Audio is echoey

  37. This guy should collab with techquickie! That would be awesome!

  38. YOU'RE TOO UGLY TO USE ! Noctua fans original color scheme is fine q_q Why are people so mean 🙁
    (Just jkg, Linus you are beautiful :P)

  39. Linus his hair looking extra fancy for this announcement. Great to see the collaboration with Noctua and the validation.

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