The Best-Looking CPU Cooler! – Noctua Chromax Black

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  1. Aww man.. Would have loved to seen this come out a few days earlier. I got tired of waiting for this and CM's new 620M and grabbed up a DRP4.. Looks like Amazon isn't getting them in til the 16th anyhow, and my 3900x is getting impatient..

  2. I’ve bought the NH-D15 because of three reasons:
    1) Because of the LTT limited edition;
    2) Because Seb has presented the product;
    3) Because a Noctua in black version is everything.

    Thanks ❤️

  3. I think the best thing about Noctua is that is doesn't matter whether you want air cooling, or water cooling. If you want the best, you pretty much need noctua parts. I type this as I have 4 noctua fans running on the water cooling for my system.

  4. I love my d15. It's so damn quiet, and I added the linus edition nff12 on the front just for the extra jazz last round. I don't mind the chrome nickel look…and don't need one, but damn that black is sexy.

  5. I have a suggestion as for cooling or not cooling concerning, please do a review on how high exactly a ryzen temp gets before it defuncts or shuts off because of high temps , (i do not mean thermal throttle) …because we all know how high it will be on a intel cpu but , the consumer conception on how high is high for a ryzen i5 to shut off for example is nowhere to find… i have temps on a stock ryzen i5 with stock fan at 40 till 55c, i find it pretty high but according to amd this would be totally normal..

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