The CHEAPEST 1440P 144Hz Gaming Monitor on Amazon

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  1. Hey Linus, I would be really happy if you did review the Samsung one. I've heard good things about it and I am planning to buy it in a couple of weeks.

  2. Talks about contrast being bad while having Game Mode turned on, a colour profile that lifts shadows and does nothing to input lag on this monitor. It's supposed to make it look less contrasty. If you don't want that feature, turn Game Mode off. Then you get the full 3000:1 contrast. Honestly, this review seems pretty half-assed. Go to Hardware Unboxed if you want quality reviews.

  3. Hey Linus, I am looking for a monitor for gaming, with about £200 tops budget. I saw an MSI 144Hz, 23.6" and 1080p, it is roughly £200 is it worth buying?

  4. Take a look at AOC Agon 3 1440p 165 Hz monitor. Also that light box is for dark FPS games so you can put it over the cursor area to brighten up that area of the screen.

  5. I have used AGON monitors for several years. AGON is the gaming range of AOC monitors. The range is from cheap as shown to affordable with higher end features. I had a AG271QG a IPS 1440p at 165Hz with g sync. Now use a larger IPS 144hz Freesync 2 AG322QW. There upper quality monitors have many of the features seen on top gaming monitors. What little they give up adds better monitors at a more affordable price to the market. All from a well established company.

  6. I think this feature is for that it is for to see any an area brighter for possible better performance. (Like around crosshairs or where you would most likely use your mouse.

  7. After using a retina Mac book pro… I can't go back to looking at a 1920*1080 monitor, it's just too dotty for editing.

  8. Noice I have this exact monitor but 144hz 1920×1080 gsync as second monitor my main monitor is the Acer KG271It's got 240 hz My friend has this monitor featured

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