The iPhone 11 Pro Max is great

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  1. It's really Apple who's the jerk here. They fail to utilize Android's open APIs, so their Android customers get the best experience, and they fail to provide open APIs themselves, so third-party services can utilize their OS to provide the best user experience. You could say that Apple really just has API problems in general, on both ends. But that's kind of unacceptable for a multibillion dollar company.

  2. Android is free, you are not their customer. You are their PRODUCT.

  3. Would be cool if it didn't cost as much as a decent gaming PC or a gaming laptop where I live.

  4. Apple fan bois ….

  5. They got dark mode after Android having it for years…

  6. You can try the galaxy watch active 2 also

  7. I wonder if companies can just claim something is "military grade" without it being so without any legal ramifications.


  9. Biggest quality fuckups I heard in this video is:

    1. Can't swipe up from anywhere on screen to unlock
    2. Screen scratches too easily.

    Otherwise great phone

  10. No different sound for reminder on Android? Well, no problem on One UI.

  11. Use folders bro, I have 4 just like on Android, 80% of my screen is free

  12. Use the dial instead of pressing the zoom options and you won’t have the lag when switching between the cameras

  13. The face ID and screen modules also have DRM.

  14. I recently bought an Ipad Pro and was shocked by the basic missing features:
    1.) You can't access/edit all files when connecting it to pc using an usb cable without jailbreaking it.
    2.) Downloading files with a browser is limited to certain file types.
    3.) No addons for browsers.
    4.) You can't access files other programs saved without duplicating them to another app by "sharing" them.

    Compared to Windows, IOS feels like an overprotective mum constantly trying to babysit you. The best hardware, the worst software. Just a shame really…

  15. Google pixel 4xl is better

  16. 0:11 Linus he flexing on us with the airpods

  17. I’ve never had that typing a number into the phone app lagging issue, strange.

  18. LInus cum tips lmao

  19. I read the Kidney 11 is great😐😑

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