UniCredit Bank Suffers ‘Data Incident’ Exposing 3 Million Italian Customer Records

UniCredit Bank Suffers Data Breach

UniCredit, an Italian global banking and financial services company, announced today that it suffered a security incident that leaked some personal information belonging to at least 3 million of its domestic customers.

Officially founded in 1870, UniCredit is Italy’s biggest banking and financial services and one of the leading European commercial banks with more than 8,500 branches across 17 countries.

What happened? — Though UniCredit did not disclose any details on how the data incident happened, the bank did confirm that an unknown attacker has compromised a file created in 2015 containing three million records relating only to its Italian customers.

What type of information was compromised? — The leaked data contains personal information of 3 million customers, including their:

  • Names
  • Cities
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses

What type of information was not compromised? — Unicredit confirmed that the compromised user records did not include any other personal data or bank details that would permit attackers access to customer accounts or allow unauthorized transactions.

What is UniCredit now doing? — The company immediately launched an internal investigation to…


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