We made our own monitor for under $100!

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  1. More DIY's stuff like this please.

  2. Lol ya'll should do a scrap yard war where you cant use a traditional case or monitor

  3. the first thing it says is 밝기 which means 'brightness' and I doubted it at first sight LOL

  4. linus janky tips

  5. Ok, I have been working on a project like this for roughly two months (if you were to add up my time over the span of a year) and it is SO FRUSTERATING. You break the cable by accident, and then you replace that to find out that you need new firmware that you're probably never gonna find, so you get another board, and the cable doesn't fit (it's the wrong board) and so you finally get the new board only to find out the cable broke again…
    You guys got 'fragile' ribbon cables? Tough luck.
    The cables I got were, in a word, worse.
    AAAAAAAHHHhhh what a nightmare.

  6. 4:49 No bro, you need a swiss army knife that hopefully has a philips screwdriver! u nuts?

  7. I'm gonna do this but I don't have a 3D printer so it will be super janky even when finished

  8. Awesome, let me just go out and buy a 3d printer to build a new case for this working monitor I just took apart to harvest the parts from…

  9. No vesa mount… 0/10

  10. who needs all those silly 3d printed parts if you have hot glue and lego.

  11. I found a LM215UH1 panel and built a hackintosh with an Intel Nuc.

  12. Why?? You are one of the few YouTube channels that has the resources to actually botch together some sort of panel of LEDs or something, so like a colin furze but with more computer technology, so why not ACTUALLY engineer a monitor together?

  13. If you going to do a monitor from an iPad – don't disassemble it, AppStore has a program to turn an iPad into USB monitor, without any modifications and you can still use it as an iPad (tested on old iPad 2, latency is minimal)

  14. Join us next time as we make OUR OWN GRAPHICS CARD FOR 100$

    Actual video: so we are going to 3D-print this fan for an old GTX 1080ti we had lying around…

  15. 11:26 suddenly the monitor is on 4:3

    instand cut this made me laugh so hard

  16. Aldi now has a gaming pc. Please review

  17. Are you going to do a review on that apple watch?

  18. Or instead of 3D printing those goofy backplates just use some double sided tape and… yea… that's about it. Can also just as easily use some of those really dirt cheap picture stands for small photo frames and be done too.

  19. For me, if I were going to build anything custom and try to save some money on it, it would be on a touchscreen panel that I can place next to my monitor on another articulating arm.

  20. I’m so glad I have a 3D printer

  21. Considering there are 21.5” monitors for less than 100€, this is pointless

  22. OR be like me, buy the same thing pre-built in a metal case for 160€ on amazon…

  23. Why didn't you machine those parts out of aluminium? Now it looks like a flimsy toy.

  24. Linus: “Your trusty sharp knife to clean up the 3D printing”

    Me: “i don’t even have a 3D printer and I only have a butter knife”

  25. Watching this on a laptop scteen thts screwed into my desk with a controller behind it.

  26. could this in theory be used to make a touch screen display?

  27. Linus:”why would you want to build your own monitor!?”

    Me:”it’s one of my chores”

  28. You know you can't trust a guy when he has a light Taskbar

  29. Well done for recognising Korean, not calling it Chinese!

  30. Aren't the back of panels normally fully enclosed to help reflect the light or make it so it doesn't bleed out of the back instead of the front? Maybe put a piece of aluminum or cardboard between the panel and the brackets to see if it gets brighter.

  31. It has no VESA mount. PASS.

  32. Linus: I have too much spare time.
    Me: Buys a perfectly good 1080p screen used for 80$. Boom! Just like that.
    LOL: You didn't even link the 3d printed parts you used. Good job!

  33. 10:26 did you record this video after watching that kids video who did the Frankenstein entry for the RIG REBOOT ?

  34. This looks better than an actual monitor. It's thinner also

  35. You could have made it out of wood ,much sturdier.
    Nice diy.

  36. So i can make my own monitor? All i need is a thousand dollar 3d printer? Great 😀

  37. wait does that mean you could make it on top of a closed laptop with the screen faceing the other screen and make it sliderable so when i need to use the labtop i open it up and slide the seccondary monitor out

  38. so Linus, I see you started lifting

  39. Does this mean I can build an OLED monitor for my desktop from an OLED laptop? Very expensive proposition but quite interested in … but I won’t kill my brand new ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo just yet

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