Your Pixel 4 box has a cool Google Lens-enabled Easter egg

There’s simply no dearth of Easter eggs across Google’s software products. This penchant for hidden quirks appears to have found its way into the newest Pixel range with a cool new Easter egg that involves a Pixel 4 retail box, Google Lens, and some AR chops. This one, however, isn’t as engaging as Google app’s Flappy Bird-like game, but it’s still interactive enough to serve Google’s marketing purpose.

The Pixel 4’s retail box has a product shot covering nearly its entire back. Scanning it using Google Lens will animate the image with a striking augmented overlay before welcoming you to #teampixel. Then a vertically scrolling slideshow of photos clicked on Pixels takes over with a text encouraging you to follow Google Pixel on Instagram. Tapping on any of these slides shows a Lens card that leads you to the Instagram account, which is constantly updated with photos taken by Pixel users worldwide.

Lens and ARcore got major feature bumps at this year’s I/O, and it seems those are being put to use to enable this Easter egg’s AR experience. As you can see in the included video, the overlay has a fine quality and it (mostly) maintains its original position even when the phone is moved around. Google brought a similar feature a while back when scanning the NBA logo with Lens showed a short animation and relevant game stats.

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