AMD is Making Laptops Affordable

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39 Comments on “AMD is Making Laptops Affordable”

  1. Previously seen….. Set AMDs iGPU to AUTO not 2GB.
    Still uses up to 2GB but will not lock it away from other apps.

  2. I need a need a new Coding laptop, What test show the difference in compiling speed? Better Intel CPU is better, i kno, but i havn't seen how AMD compares to Intel in that.

  3. lol.. a bunch of fanboys are now going to go out and buy an R5 laptop, only to realize shortly thereafter just how crappy they are in real life usage

  4. Just realised that you can get this same laptop shipped from to UK with less than half the cost including shipping. What is going on? Will I from now on shop from Canada to UK?

  5. Not sure how you can compare the Ryzen to an 8th gen i5 if there are 9th Gen i5 to compare it to. Would it not be way more relevant to compare it to the I5 9300h? But instead you mention 10th Gen… Not really sure what you guys are trying to pull here?!?

  6. Just think what the comparison will be with an AMD mobile APU on 7nm/5nm TSMC… this is comparing a 14nm AMD to a 14nm Intel and it kicks Intels ass. RIP Intel.

  7. AMD was behind now its destroying intel, nvidia youre next even tho i use intel and nvidia and they are not as special as everyone says they are cause of 2017 1050ti gayming gaming that today considered a budget but hey if you lived in a shitty country without your own room you would do the same

  8. I wouldn't buy another Lenovo again (especially with an AMD CPU) if they were the last manufacturers left !!! They have a horrible history of the USB ports failing for no specific reason! No amount of BIOS updates or fresh windows installs will clear it up. Lenovo also doesn't push BIOS updates very frequently. 1 or 2 then that's it. Nope, never again.

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