Budget Gaming Setup CHALLENGE – Scrapyard Wars 8 Part 1

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  1. Honey is genuinely pretty cool but the people watching this probably already watch LTT or other tech YouTubers (or just YouTube in general) so they already know about Honey.

  2. Linus : 3600 Canadian Rupees .
    Is Canadian Rupee a thing ? Shouldn't it be Canadian Dollars ? 😬

  3. I can play all those games @ 1080p max settings with a i5 4570 16gb ddr3 and a 4gb 1050ti getting about 60-100 fps

  4. I feel like bring forced to usw the same settings wasnt such a gold idea.
    I mean for comparing systems if does make sense, but it doesnt realy represent the what competitive games play like.
    Truth is that you wont have a benefit from 1080p over 720p in CS-GO.
    Choosing eine settings is also important when it comes to competitive gaming

  5. I'm just a poor mud farmer trying to get a gaming PC for my brother. He was born without legs and lost his arms in Iraq.

  6. I’m sorry… but I wouldn’t call that a sports car bud hahaha jk jk I thought it was funny the whole exchange

  7. Hey Linus I am Big Fan of You. I am from India. Please come India and visit Nehru Place Computer Market.

  8. This is the best thing on Youtube now, can't wait for the next part and the next season. You are amazing guys!!

  9. new proposal. scrapyard wars 9. two groups of 3, no one in either group knows anything about computers, maybe your grandmas or something. they can all ask the LMG for a few assists, but the main goal is to get them to figure out how to use the google machine to build a rig with reasonable information

  10. Definitely should have gotten judges, why include desk and chair in the budget if they are gonna go with just anything because they don't have to live with for a while?
    If the rules were individual desks too and at the end of this series have someone come in and pick the best set up as a pack that would have made more sense, as is this will come down to individual player skill more than how good the set ups themselves are.

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