China Tries to Restrict Gaming – WAN Show Nov 8, 2019

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China Tries to Restrict Gaming - WAN Show Nov 8, 2019 1
China Tries to Restrict Gaming - WAN Show Nov 8, 2019 2
China Tries to Restrict Gaming - WAN Show Nov 8, 2019 3
China Tries to Restrict Gaming - WAN Show Nov 8, 2019 4
China Tries to Restrict Gaming - WAN Show Nov 8, 2019 5

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  1. Do you have any upcoming video discussing about Intel and AMD's flagships including i9 s and TR s? I wanna buy a good computer for my work and i don't know what should i choose. I currently have a laptop (Asus N580VD) and working with it is really frustrating and i get super exhausted after 1 hour. I do designing and 3D modeling, animating, rendering and i work with Maya, Red Shift, Mental Ray, V-RAY, Substance, Houdini and ZBrush. Please give me a good advise because i don't know computer stuff that much and i'm just confused with so many things on store shelves. Also consider that i have a limited budget around 3000$, 2800 to be exact but i can pay an extra 200 for a good upgrade that's worth it.

  2. 35:54

    "Okay let's wrap this up and then I'm gonna rant about steam for a little bit"
    Wraps up, segues straight into the sponsors.
    Where's the steam rant?

  3. Every show you guys don't think your live yet are…. When you going to get your shit straight Linus haha your a tech genius!

  4. The China restrictions could help the us. This means game company's may not chase China so hard and we can get back to good games.

  5. I'm 100% on board with restricting access to gaming for minors. But only on condition that same treatment is applied to other potentially dangerous activities.
    Reading leads to sight degradation – it should be restricted (i would say 3 hours a day is the absolute most that should be allowed)
    TV and movies rot children's brains, they should be heavily restricted (i would say no more than 40min a day of both combined).
    Sports, oh my god, that is just the absolute worst for health – think about all the traumas it is causing – should be absolutely completely prohibited outside of school's PE classes.
    Now, with all the above applied, i would say that 90min a day for gaming is more or less a reasonable restriction.

  6. I restrict my kids gaming time since I bought the fist iPad! Els they will keep playing and they don’t even tired or sleepy! And yet they did not do there homework or anything els! As a parent is your responsibility to show or tell your kids what is right and wrong with or without law! Keep your stupid fancy FREEDOM word for your own kids!

  7. They have done studies on gambling. One of them consisted of two birds in two different cages, one had a button that gave food every time they pressed it, and another gave food only sometimes and randomly when the bird would press it.

    The bird who had free access to food and could eat whenever it wanted would press the button when it was hungry, and otherwise do other things no problem. Didnt care about the button.

    The other bird got obsessed with the button and pressed and pressed it nonstop, and wound up eating much more than the other bird and got fat for it.

    Moral of the story…. restrictions don’t always work. Sometimes they create obsessions… thereby furthering the problem you were originally setting out to solve.

    How many times have you heard someone say they play games so much now but their parents didnt let them play growing up? All the time. How many times do you hear people say they got to play games nonstop growing up whenever they wanted and are still obsessed with gaming to this day? Not as much. People generally get their fix and grow up and game less as an adult. Its the ones that couldnt play as much as they wanted, or at all as a kid that turned into massive gamers as adults. So… frankly, i dont see the issue here. Of course kids still need to be reminded of their obligations and be taught good time management skills, but it doesnt mean that those kids wont grow normally or socially or whatever… mainly because ive seen so many kids make so many friends through games more than anything else. It seems to improve their social skills… not stunt them.

  8. Honk Kong uses video games to protest against China. China restricts video game timings. Coincidence? I think not.

  9. So, haven't been keeping tabs on Luke, or Floatplane.

    But he's what's got me watching this re-stream; and that (new?) logo is got-damn DOPE.

  10. can't speak for chine, however my children gaming online is almost the same today as playing with my friends in a play ground as a child. my kids enjoy playing online with their friend from RL in online playgrounds, like fortnite, when we as parents are worried about our children going outside. Kids will find a way to spend time with friends regardless of our restrictions however its up to us as parents to supervise and raise our children, not the government. If the government wants to regulate us as citizens it should be the supervision of parents, specifically parents that I would concider absent day to day.

  11. Please people dont start thinking this way freedom is what we need not control we restrict gaming what is next? Idiots are going to be idiots don't punish all just because of some.

  12. I agree with the soft drinks , most arrive as adulthood and are addicted . This is one of the worst when it comes to gain weight .

  13. I think as long as kids watching TV is allowed, I don't see a valid reason to limit gaming. At the worst, playing games is the same as TV. I would argue that gaming has a plus over TV in that it is interactive, rather than completely passive.

  14. We do need to limit gaming because it's becoming quite a big issue in china. Some kids are getting addicted so much so that less people is working hard and waste almost all their life in games. (Not talking about esports) Devs are getting so good at making people addict they are teaching studios outside china like Blizzard on how to create addictive micro transactions etc
    Stop being like other western media posting suggestive condescending stuff.
    It's actually quite an issue and I believe 1.5 HOURS PER ONLINE GAME PER DAY is really leniant.

  15. Under 18 kids don't want to hear this, but I think it SHOULD be regulated. Kids are just that, kids. An excess of ANYTHING, whether it's TV, games, sweets, food, is bad. And young kids under the age of 18 don't have the life experience, wisdom and/or maturity to know what's good for them. Hell, I'd go so far and say most people under 30 don't have that experience yet. China however, is another matter entirely. The state wants total control of its citizens and wants busy little worker bees instead of people thinking critically, challenging the status quo, challenging authority, etc. They want their citizens compliant and subdued. Oh, and brainwashed. Ever talk to a Chinese national? You wouldn't BELIEVE the kinds of things their government teaches them. Stuff that is straight up untrue. They literally call the Japanese "dogs" in school textbooks. I taught English there and saw for myself. It was horrific.

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