EVEN MORE Ryzen Leaks! – WAN Show Nov 15, 2019

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EVEN MORE Ryzen Leaks! - WAN Show Nov 15, 2019 1
EVEN MORE Ryzen Leaks! - WAN Show Nov 15, 2019 2
EVEN MORE Ryzen Leaks! - WAN Show Nov 15, 2019 3
EVEN MORE Ryzen Leaks! - WAN Show Nov 15, 2019 4
EVEN MORE Ryzen Leaks! - WAN Show Nov 15, 2019 5

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  1. The Apple MacBook launch is likely because if they made it a big deal, then even the non techie layperson would be made aware that the “new” keyboards on their other MacBooks are defective and that would affect the sales of all their MacBooks with that keyboard. Quiet launches will only be noted by Apple fans and other tech heads like us.

  2. I think getting someone to switch to Mac OS is much harder than getting someone to try an iPhone. But once you have an iPhone I think the step to trying mac OS is much smaller. So I think Apple kinda uses the iPhone to lure in new people and once they are on iOS direct market mac OS to them.
    That is my guess anyways.

  3. Medical records stored online: a dedicated Internet? Come ON guys! A simple blockchain-based token sorts this issue out beautifully!

    Do you even cryptocurrency bros? 😉


  5. As for dedicated wide area networks(WANs): I work in law enforcement in the states and I can tell you 1. Yes we do make use of a WAN which is hard-wired to every agency in the country and then has certain nodes that connect us the INTERPOL. 2. It’s a VERY LONG way off from a high speed capability and runs on very old hardware right now.

    That said: hell yeah, if countries would invest in the fiber tech, they could certainly have a dedicated network for medical data which doctor’s offices & hospitals could apply for a license to connect to and then lose their access if they are found NOT keeping proper security measures in place.

  6. Welcome to the rest of the world, where most countries have a centralized patient journal system already. Ours just isn't run by evilcorp, inc.

  7. Hopefully what Coreteks says is true. That Samsung may produce Ryzen chips in the future.
    I wont buy intel or nvidia again, they have proved time and time again that they will overprice like apple when they have a chance. AMD better keep their momentum here!

  8. $300 dollars more – beancounter SFB says no – management sees 30% less render time and huge increase in productivity – says heck yeah!
    Remember, when you consider what salary or wage the people using it will be on, it could easily pay for itself the first week!

    Even for the amateur, or hobbyist, that would be like having 2 or 3 extra hours in the day under some situations – very effective upgrade for the money.

  9. The dbrand callout on the phone killed me x) how in the world would you be in the situation to do that ahahah

  10. Regarding the Razr. Its a foldable phone that seems to have worked out the issues around that. I can forgive some of the other issues like software (i'm confident it'll be updated)…we should be praising them for pushing the form factor and who is to say there isn't a tablet followup coming from Lenovo using the same hinge…they are just letting Razr grab the headlines atm?

    I'm in for one as soon as it comes to Canada.

  11. Why can't Luke use GPU encoding? Did he say and I missed it? Then again he might have an older GPU with a crappier encoder.

  12. Okay guys, you are using OBS. Setup NDI with Skype, and next time, have Linux Skype in. No more setting cell phones on cardboard boxes. NDI is awesome

  13. Ugh the audio desync is real. Not sure if a YT or a PC thing but it sucks when you're relying on subtitles cos you're hearings bad.

  14. Guys
    The Sound and pic is out off sync (shit quality) do not just care off the merch…
    I love Your content anyway

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