Facebook Releases Major Update for Messenger App on Windows 10

Facebook has started the rollout of a major update for its Messenger Beta app on Windows 10, and this time there are plenty of features that users can try out.

While the beta tag is apparently here to stay, the update brings new themes that make the app feel and look fresh. In addition to the grey theme, there’s also a dark mode, which perfectly aligns Facebook Messenger with the rest of the operating system.

Messenger also comes with a new icon on Windows 10, while in terms of new features, users are now provided with an option to permanently delete sent messages.

Plenty of new features

Facebook Messenger Beta for Windows 10 also lands with a full-screen mode, which comes in handy especially on touch-capable devices like tablets or 2-in-1s. You can also hide chats and send files, with the latter obviously a welcome feature – to clarify, such capabilities have long been around in the mobile versions of Facebook Messenger, but the Windows 10 client has been super-limited so far.

And last but not least, Facebook has updated the emoticons for a more modern conversation experience.

What’s important to keep in mind is that Messenger for Windows 10 continues to be a beta, so don’t be too surprised if you come across occasional bugs. However, the update makes Messenger feel like such a dramatic overhaul over the previous version, and there’s a good chance you’re going to love it if you’re a heavy Facebook user.

The rollout has only recently started, so you may not be able to download it from the Microsoft Store just yet. But given these things typically take a couple of days, the updated app should go live on your device sometime during the weekend.


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