Frankenstein GPU Cooling – IT'S AWESOME

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41 Comments on “Frankenstein GPU Cooling – IT'S AWESOME”

  1. So why hasn't any company capitalised on this yet?? Seems like the type of thing would have 1000's of ebay listings from China.

  2. I definetely wouldn't recommend glueing anything to your gpu parts with permanent thermal adhesive. If you ever want to use the old cooler again, watercool or just sell the card, you will have a hell of a time getting the small coolers of the vcores withour ripping them from the card. Use thermal tape or gettho the heatsink on it somehow with a thermal pad.

  3. I almost thought about doing something like this with my 980 Ti that has a broken fan controller, but I figured out that I can hook up the fans via a 4 pin extender to my motherboard and they still work with that connection.

  4. I did this 5 years ago with a GTX 970 blower style and a smaller 120mm Coolermaster CPU heatsink, worked well, but looked stupid after a while.

  5. linus; "at full tilt, the fans on this thing are EASILY the loudest thing in an average gaming system…"

    linus clearly has no idea what an average gaming system is, most average gaming systems DONT have a 2080ti

  6. Now to run thermal tests on thee GDDR6 memory modules to see how hot they get, would have been better to do this test with a 5700XT as a reference card runs pretty toasty but also cause the GDDR6 memory has thermal temp in afterburner as well as thermal hotspot on the gpu core.

  7. try this get a blower style gpu, take out the fan and tape over the hole and then put two 40mm fans on the back end of gpu, set air set to blow air through the gpu.

  8. According to Linus everyone has a workshop in which they can make a heatsink for their pcb … Could have linked premade heatsinks for that

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  10. Test it with the case upside down so the cold fluid falls on the the GPU instead of counting only on the capilarity of the heatpipe. Just to see the difference.

  11. Things that are cool but will never happen: the addition of an IHS for GPUs and a switch to some standard bracket form factor.

    It would be so awesome and make this reachable for so many more people… I could even imagine one of the partners doing this as an alternative to pre-installed water blocks.

  12. I don't like to have a silencer on my F1 car.
    PS: I think gaming rig should've supercar like sounds when used aggressively.

  13. Nice. The cooler looks like my old Thermalright IFX-14 that served me for many years. Now i just need a RTX 2080TI.
    And an even bigger Big Case. And a machine shop.

  14. its justified just because its something tried by linus, but i dont thiink more of us should attempt it, dont think it is worth it. If i had that 2080 ti strix, then i would have replaced the stock thermal interface with liquid metal and would have called it a day. With liquid metal noise can be brought down and is worth it over this sort of a mod in my eyes.

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