Google Stadia Is Dead to Me

Review of the current state of Google Stadia

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33 Comments on “Google Stadia Is Dead to Me”

  1. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think AAA developers will make exclusives on this platform anytime soon? Does Stadia have a legit future outside of emerging markets?

  2. This was the most thorough, authentic, justified negative review I’ve ever heard… Stadia is dead to me too and now I want to start ya slow clap 👏🏽

  3. Price did not seem to be a factor in this review. I think it should be considered when comparing to a gaming PC for example

  4. If you cant embrace such a ground breaking tech of the future how do you became a tech reviewer? Dont act like "sherif John brown" of the I shot the sherif. Who ever brought this tech should be applauded and given some time to perfect it. Bear in mind, the console evolved for over 35 yrs()…. now its a cloud era let it grow if not just shit up!!

  5. I never thought about buying stadia it’s simply not what I’m looking for in gaming.
    I just play online games and try to get better over time at them. I guess that comes from hitting the gym 6 days a week but I just like putting time into something and getting better over time.
    I don’t play single player games that’s just nothing I enjoy I either watch TV oder play games with a more competitive background. I‘m not exceptionally good but still I like the grind about gaming.
    And therefore I‘m a Low@1080p all games type of guy I just want the most amount of fps possible to get the most out of my 240hz Monitor.

    But still … as a tech fan in general I‘m pretty disappointing with stadia.

  6. I'm glad ,I don't want this kind of streaming gaming services to take over the gaming industry and have exclusive games and ruin everything

  7. Thank you for your honesty! I love how you don’t let your emotions cloud or company’s$$$ interfere in your assessment! Sub for life!👍🏻

  8. Is it worth for developers to make games for stadia? Well, let's ask developers themselves for an honest answer? The only way I see developers choosing cloud over regular hardware gaming even digital download is stopping pirating. As for consumers, not so much. 😁

  9. until full 5g coverage around the whole world, these streaming solutions are just giving beta experience. these are just locked to home gaming.

  10. Stadia requires a HUGE internet speed data connection in order to work properly. Fast enough that a precious little number of users in the US even have access to a high-enough-speed connection. Therefore, Stadia is pretty much useless for most users.

  11. You know he's mad when he starts talking immediately without taking a breath right after the logo…man he seems seething with frustration

  12. Hi Dave. It would really made my day if you would provide me a link on where you got those lights at your back. Thanks much!

  13. Industry analysts expect game streaming to gain ~3% market share by 2023.
    So yeah, no wonder it still sucks in 2019/2020.

    You bought in the hype, such a forecast clearly shows we're nowhere near ready to streaming games

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