Home 10 Gig Network Upgrade for CHEAP

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  1. Nice background

  2. Hmm i wonder if linus have this habit like there is a conversation about clothes and someone just made compliment o his t-shirt or pants and he says "o thanks LTTSTORE.COM".

  3. "Whoever said being a nerd is easy"


  5. Please. Just pay a cabling guy. Even just once.

  6. that isn't too bad for 10gig network

  7. Germans be like: 10 what? 10 Gigs? Who is this?

  8. Gimme those! 😀 I have routed cat7 cable trough my house but I have neither 10gig switch or 10gig nic and my internet relies on 4g :'D Speak about preparing for brighter future…

  9. 4:01 is no one gonna talk about his wallpaper lmao

  10. Linus sounds exactly like steve carell

  11. Ahhaha, mouse poop and nails in the roof and a cable that you need to pushpull in the corner of this hell, yeeeah, been exactly in the same situation this summer 😀

    Odd that it did not show up with it's IP and you could not connect to it's management interface, you could try WinBox, it can find devices on the network by MAC.

  12. Microtik pukesinmouth

  13. Linus's eyes are red at 8:50 he is a vampire

  14. Who else noticed the fish?

  15. ok so that's wonik server but why are you impeding you're cooling in that server by storing boxes of stuff inside of it?

  16. cooling 10 Gig Network Switch ?? silent

  17. This is easily a meme 5:42

  18. Can you please test new usermade patch for windows 10 ,that boosts multicore performance of gen3 ryzen procesors and test if it works on gen 2 and gen 1 procesors. It would be realy helpfull.

  19. bruh nice desktop wallpaper

  20. Linus, he has devil eyes 8:51 lol

  21. Linus, he has devil eyes 5:51 lol

  22. creating the Cat6 RJ-45 plug looked waaaay too easy 😀

  23. MKBHD : Sony, terrible name
    Linus : Cable switch, terrible name oof

  24. Linus has always seemed to me like the kinda person you would like to have as a mate so that you could call them over for an afternoon of beers and upgrade your network or pc togeather. "I don't know why people always say he has no friends"

  25. Linus's cats doesn't work… did he try turn them off or back on again?

  26. I don’t understand. So 10Gig network only does 1gb/s not 10gb/s?!?

  27. "this is a smart switch right?"


  28. Linus' NAS has more computing power than my desktop!

  29. I've just run single mode fibre cable runs everywhere in my house that I need 10G, the LC connectors are about the same diameter as Cat6A cable so I don't need larger holes, and if you use WDM SFPs which are still very cheap you only need a single fibre for 10G anyway.

  30. My dad and I equiped our house with cat6 internet for like under 400 bucks we didn’t need a big bulky Ethernet tester we used a smaller easier to use tester

  31. Sucks wish I had my pc back after finding out that the gpu I bought second hand was infected then it infected my pc including the root kits and the bios of my mother board. Found out after 8 months and 3 wipes and resets of my pc

  32. The pain is real with this one…USE WINBOX!

  33. I do networking and this was disgusting

  34. Linus the reason a sata ssd is saturating 10gbe is because unraid uses the ram as cache first! 🙂

  35. Do you ever think that you have fast enough internet because we have to deal with some of the worst internet in the world so please stop complaining that you’re internet is not fast enough

  36. Man Australia are so far behind our country have just spent billions getting 50 mega bit internet that hardly works, feels bad man

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