I THOUGHT I wanted this… – Razer Blade Pro 17 Review

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I THOUGHT I wanted this... - Razer Blade Pro 17 Review 1
I THOUGHT I wanted this... - Razer Blade Pro 17 Review 2
I THOUGHT I wanted this... - Razer Blade Pro 17 Review 3
I THOUGHT I wanted this... - Razer Blade Pro 17 Review 4
I THOUGHT I wanted this... - Razer Blade Pro 17 Review 5

50 Comments on “I THOUGHT I wanted this… – Razer Blade Pro 17 Review”

  1. I always complain about the lack of 1440p laptop screens (I know there were 1440p laptops like the alienware 17) too, especially in ultrabooks. From the high end ultrabooks I only know apple with their mbp 13 with a similar resolution (1600p)1440p = best compromise between sharpness, battery life and performance! (the first razer blade stealth had a 1440p display but "Hugh Mungus" bezels^^)

  2. 100% agree on the lack of 1440p monitors in the laptop market. I tried to find one with no luck last summer, had to get a 1080p one instead 'cause as you said, the industry does not look at gamers for gamers products 😐

  3. gaming laptops arent really supposed to have good battery life , my ge75 gets about 2 and a half hours of just screen on time , it has a small ass 50whr battery

  4. We'll give you 1440p display laptops when you give us glossy 4K PC monitors. Yeah, I thought so… Enjoy your 4K laptops….

  5. I had this with the Microsoft surface pro. I wanted one super bad, finally bought one and then realized how stupid it is. Switched back to my laptop

  6. How can you promote MVMT in 2019?
    Weren't they debunked by many watch enthusiasts as worthless and sold for a huge premium because of the brand name?

  7. As a programmer, this laptop would be thrown out of the window within a few hours max thanks to that incredibly stupid keyboard layout.

  8. I've been saying this for a while now; manufacturers need to make more laptops with 2K 120 or 144 Hz displays. As of right now, there are no options for me to upgrade from my Surface Book 2, because I either have to get 1080P or 4K with buns battery life. Thank you for mentioning this, Linus. Maybe more companies than Gigabyte will get the hint now

  9. I can't afford a new gaming laptop so I'm putting my ryzen and 1060 in a small pelican case with a laptop screen and a 250wh battery that isn't allowed on planes

  10. Sometimes I feel like razer is going toward the right direction but honestly 1440p is a pretty good resolution for the 2080, yeah being able to get 144hz is important and easy for the razer but 4K is just too much,

  11. Linus since birth till now:

    wHy dOn‘T we GeT a 4K Laptop WITH 120 Hz dISpLaY?

    Razer Blade Pro: Say no more!


    It’s shit for gaming. The games won’t run on this refresh rate anyway.

  12. Yeah, the whole "I need a 240 Hz screen – for my Geforce 1050…" thing annoys the hell out of me. People choose a shitty TN panel that can do insane refresh rates and pair it with some old weak graphics that doesn't have a prayer of ever reaching those speeds. So now they have crap picture quality and still low frame rates because they're both CPU and GPU limited. Doh. Yes, 1080p, a powerful system and 144 Hz is a fantastic combo, but claiming that the higher refresh rate is the more important factor is just plain delusional. Gaming on a 60 Hz screen is pretty great for everyone who doesn't play twitch games competitively. If you can get to 75 Hz with G-Sync or Freesync, so much the better. High refresh rates matter, but not remotely as much as the hype nowadays seem to think.

  13. No laptops with numb pads suck. Thank you razer. (If your use to a normal laptop and keep having to switch between them the offset will screw you when typing and entering passwords (system administrator so I do this more than I'd like to).

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