I Turned My Garage Into a Home Theater

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36 Comments on “I Turned My Garage Into a Home Theater”

  1. The reason that ashtray was in every 90s living room is because they were all stolen from restaurants. I use to work in a restauant in the 90s and the number of ashtray that would go missing boggles the mind. We would have to get a case of 50 in every couple of months.

  2. I used to have that same couch except mine was blue. Turn it into a recliner by leaving the front legs on and taking the back ones off. WAY more comfy.

  3. you actually paid money for that shit furniture? You couldve gotten IKEA shit for that money brand new. And IKEA always looks like 90s even if its from 2019. Shit like that lands on the oversize garbage collection every 3 months over here.

  4. They scramble "alexa" and "hey google" but when they say the pizza guy is here I got a text from Dominos with today's specials. Not even a joke.

  5. I was looking for a how to video on turning my home theater into a garage, but I guess I can just watch this in reverse.

  6. Why is it that so far, THIS is the only video i can remember EVER seeing where consideration was taken for those, lets face it, basically EVERYONE who has Google Home and/or Amazon Echo devices in their house? I've never seen another video where the trigger phrases/words are garbled up to NOT trigger people's smart devices. Way to go, Linus! lol

  7. garage door looks like medieval door!!! wth? did you buy this door in 1561? Worst cinema place with the best equipment ever. More paper towel than beer, that's weird

  8. did you guys notice that they moved in the couch ->hanged pictures -> took down the pictures -> moved the couch back to the truck and moved it back in? 😛 SeEmS RaThEr InEfFiCeNt If YoU aSk Me

  9. Winter in Canada will make this a "three season" home theater. Also, at some point it makes more sense to use a projector.

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