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The sub-Rs. 10,000 price segment is huge in terms of potential buyers, and many smartphone manufacturers are doing their best to grab a share of it. In the race to dominate this segment, we have seen manufacturers trying every possible thing including smartphones with quad-camera setups, AMOLED displays, and big batteries. Such features were distant dreams even a few months ago. Customers are spoilt for choice, and can be more demanding than ever before. Infinix has thrown one more smartphone into the mix, called the Infinix S5 Lite.

Just like its elder sibling, the Infinix S5, this Lite model sports a hole-punch display. This type of display has been a feature on some flagship devices, and hasn’t even trickled down to a lot of mid-range smartphones yet, so we weren’t expecting to see one on a phone priced at Rs. 7,999 just yet. How good is the display, and has Infinix cut other corners to deliver this feature at such an aggressive price? We put the Infinix S5 Lite to the test to find out.

Infinix S5 Lite design

The Infinix S5 Lite looks a lot like the Infinix S5 (Review), and it will be impossible to distinguish between the two when looking at them from the front. A 6.6-inch display dominates the face of this smartphone, and Infinix claims a 90.5 percent screen-to-body ratio. The company has opted for a 20:9 aspect ratio which isn’t very common at this price point either. The IPS display panel has decent viewing angles but we found it to be low on brightness. The device also lacks an ambient light sensor, just like the Inifinix S5, which could be a big problem. You’ll need to adjust brightness manually all the time. The camera hole is on the top left corner. Also, for what it’s worth, the front camera wasn’t perfectly centred within its hole on our review unit.

We found the Infinix S5 Lite to be slightly taller than usual, and we needed to shuffle it in our hand. The power and volume buttons are on the right, and are reachable when using this phone one-handed. The SIM tray is on the left, and has two Nano-SIM slots as well as a dedicated microSD card slot. The Infinix S5 Lite sports a Micro-USB port at the bottom, which is acceptable for the price but we have seen Xiaomi introduce the USB Type-C port at this price point. Next to the Micro-USB port is the 3.5mm headphone jack and the loudspeaker.

Infinix S5 Lite hole punch Infinix S5 Lite ReviewThe highlight feature of the Infinix S5 Lite is its hole-punch display


At the back, the S5 Lite sports a triple camera setup which is one big difference compared to the quad-sensor array on the S5. There’s also has a quad-LED flash which seems like overkill. The fingerprint sensor is positioned near the camera module, and we found this placement to be a little too high for our liking. Infinix offers the smartphone in three colour options: Midnight Black, Quetzal Cyan, and Violet. We had the Quetzal Cyan version for this review. The Infinix S5 had a slightly rounded back which made it comfortable to hold, but the S5 Lite has a flat back…

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