Intel Could Take YEARS to Catch Up… – Ryzen 9 3950X Review

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Intel Could Take YEARS to Catch Up… - Ryzen 9 3950X Review 1
Intel Could Take YEARS to Catch Up… - Ryzen 9 3950X Review 2
Intel Could Take YEARS to Catch Up… - Ryzen 9 3950X Review 3
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44 Comments on “Intel Could Take YEARS to Catch Up… – Ryzen 9 3950X Review”

  1. again comparing AMD BRAND NEW cpu with older intel cpu… the market release of AMD and Intel are COMPLETE 180 from each other and no comparison will ever be completely fair.

  2. i am writing this comment having build 2 pcs the last month. one 2500$ desktop video in my channel and just bought amd hp laptop. on editing ??? the amd processor kills the intel in everyway. got the laptop today i will upload a review for it too. editing videos in amd is on a way other level. but the intel for gaming i think it's good.

  3. Honestly Intel is pretty much arbitrary by now. I dont see a single point that would say its worth spending 2x as much for a CPU when you can buy a cheaper option that absolutely kicks Intels arse.

  4. Rgb ssd's are a very bad idea cuz they overheat very quickly because of the lights, and if it overheats the speed will be about 1 mbs and it wont even boot into the system.

    Sorry not good englisch but I hope u understand me

  5. Imma laugh my ass off when intel drops some insane ass CPU next year after everyone gets these Ryzens. I will never use an AMD product again after trying team red 3 times and getting burned all 3. BlueGreen for life.

  6. not intel. software dev's. 8c/16t is barely being fully utilized in popular stuff that regular users do with their desktop rig. tons of software don't scale well with core count. i would not touch more than 8c/16t for a gaming rig, even 6c/12t should do well for the entirety of next gen consoles, which will have 8c/16t but will have at least 1c reserved for background tasks, just like current gen has 1-2 cores reserved.

  7. Not sure why the AMD fanboys are getting excited, not like I sit at my desk and run Cinebench for 8 hours LOL. Of course it choked when it came to gaming..!

  8. Why don’t you compare it to the intel 10980xe ?? Why the 9900k ? Also this is bound to happend as amd chips are 7nm and intel are 14nm that’s double the difference in die size.
    Reviewers need to provide real world rendering work loads and that is the only way to decide the actual power of the cpu. I personally saw a lot of crashes in 3dsmax and maya on an amd cpu compared to an intel one. So for reliability or mission critical renderings and workloads intel is still better. Yes amd provides a much better value here but why would someone buy 16 core cpu for gaming ? A quad core is still enough buy a ryzen 3 or 5 and ur good to go…
    when amd puts there ryzen 7 series as workstation class then it bloody should be reliable. I can’t leave an Amd workstation on a 40 hour render i just can’t. This just never happens with intel. Still i would thank Amd to push intel to lower it’s cpu prices see the 18 core 10980xe is at 1000 bucks that cpu is seriously worth it.
    Am saying it as far as reliability goes intel stays supreme.

  9. If AMD CPU's are so dominant why can't any of them hit 5.0GHz? 5.0GHz is still faster than 4.7GHz right? Per core performance is still more important than having a dozen hyperthreaded cores for gaming right? Intel still benchmarks better for gaming right? No AMD mass market processor can run at 5.0 plus GHz without melting down right? Did I miss something? Is there a subset of gamers that games by running cinebench drag races? Do AMD processors come with hits of LSD and clockwork oarnge esque videos of AMD propaganda?

  10. This is the one time I actually reviewed the parts specs before you made a video about it since all of the requirements for games are about to shift. This next round of required upgrades for WoW: Shadowlands is probably going to cause me to have to quit for a while because I wont be able to afford a full PC overhaul. Considering that my current cpu that I had to upgrade to for BfA barely talks to my motherboard and my current graphics card is "meh" meeting mid requirements for most games I'm basically going to have to rebuild the whole dang thing.

    Heck if you go by the bios warning message on my start up screen technically my pc shouldn't even work yet somehow magically it has and I decided that since it starts runs and reads program and considering at the time I knew a major upgrade was coming anyway I just let it go.

  11. SpnsorBlock chrome extension is worth it while watching LTT videos with the insane amount of sponsorships shoved in the videos.

  12. Wait a second. AMD made this CPU in compete of intel-9980XE. So, is there any actual performance comparison between 9980XE and 3950X?

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