Logitech’s Adaptive Gaming Kit makes playing more affordable for gamers with disabilities

Not all gamers can use gamepads. Microsoft’s monumental Xbox Adaptive Controller Kit broke down walls, making it much easier for people with disabilities to play games. On Monday, Logitech pushed the cause forward yet again with a $100 Adaptive Gaming KitRemove non-product link that comes with a wide range of controls that can be configured to fit your needs.

Rather than being a standalone technology, the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit pairs with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Voltron-style. (Despite its name, the Xbox Adaptive Controller also works with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 PCs.) Logitech’s kit comes with four highly sensitive “Light Touch” buttons, a trio of large 2.5-inch buttons, a trio of smaller 1.4-inch buttons, and two pressure-sensitive “Variable Triggers.”

They’re all remappable to meet your needs and connect to the Xbox Adaptive Controller’s USB and 3.5mm ports. Logitech also includes hook and loop boards to house the peripherals, as well as label sheets that let you identify which button or trigger each item is currently mapped to.

logitech adaptive kit Logitech

Some of the components in Logitech’s Adaptive Gaming Kit, with Microsoft’s white Adaptive Controller above it.

Logitech didn’t design its new technology in a vacuum. The company says it worked with Microsoft’s Inclusive Tech Lab, AbleGamers, the Abilities Research Center at Mount Sinai, and SpecialEffect to create the kit.

You can buy the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit today for $100Remove non-product link, while the required Xbox Adaptive Controller also costs $100Remove non-product link. That $200 might sound like a considerable investment compared to a traditional $60 Xbox One controller—and it is—but when you consider that individual accessories for the Xbox Adaptive ControllerRemove non-product link cost $40 or more, and specialized solutions like this cost hundreds of dollars prior to the rollout of Microsoft’s innovative hardware, Logitech deserves praise for making gaming even more accessible.   

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