My most painful PC Build…

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My most painful PC Build... 1
My most painful PC Build... 2
My most painful PC Build... 3
My most painful PC Build... 4
My most painful PC Build... 5

41 Comments on “My most painful PC Build…”

  1. why dont linus do this sort of program outside canada..i would love to build one of these beauty and win of course πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. how do we experience that kind of gaming rig in the Philippines! so expensive πŸ™ cool been following and watching LLT for a month!

  3. 28 minute video and I clicked replay as soon as it finished. Love this chick. You need her. Seriously though – it's a new dynamic you just don't have.

  4. She's like a teen girl Linus and Linus has no idea how to handle it.

    She would be a brilliant new co-host for this channel.

  5. i wish i had that kind of PC : ( mine is just a trash PC that keeps restarting…but nice vidz though been watching for a long time and i see that your improving

  6. She is very, very natural in front of the camera…the way she looks straight into it but not too much is insane. She must have had training.

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