NVIDIA, I retract my apology. – GTX 1660 Super Review

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37 Comments on “NVIDIA, I retract my apology. – GTX 1660 Super Review”

  1. One thing not mentioned here is that the new 1660 Super uses a faster 14 Gbs GDDR6, in contrast to the 1660 Ti 12 Gbs GDDR6

  2. Nah I’m sticking with my 1660 ti. In my opinion, if you have a 1660 then it’s not worth upgrading to 1660 super. But if you don’t have a 1660 and you are on a budget, then go ahead and get a 1660 super.

  3. 0:42 Nah, I'd rather recommend my gtx 1070 I got used for $210 with 8gb vram that outperforms the 1660 super in most games. Go here for more comparisons

    In short (lower price, more vram, better performance, better deal)

  4. TANKTASTIC code not working for new user. I give up with Wargaming, I have tried several time to register, and it put me on wrong servers etc, then cannot play. Created new account and the code not accepted…?

  5. a budget card? no. a card that you break open for metals? no. a card that you make other cards kill? no. a card that receives constant torture from blender? YES.

  6. When a canadian retracts an apology, it means as to me as much as any apology retraction because they were never sorry to begin with. I am not sorry for saying this.

  7. @linus I need your help in setting up custom PC please do support… Big fan of custom PC but I am not a bed like you are so please do help out….!!

  8. This was confusing, im pretty sure you were all positive about this thing, but with the title, im just not sure…

  9. I literally run out of video to watch for the day leaving me no choice but to watch a review of a very unnecessary cards that nvidia keeps releasing.

  10. In Poland 1660Ti is 15USD highen than 1660 Super while having more DP ports. According to the PurePC benchmarks – 1660Ti is clearly faster than 1660 Super. Alsoaccording to the other benchmarks – 1660 Super draws more power (15-40W).
    IMO NVENC differences are not woth few FPS less with GTX1660 Super. I would buy 1660 Ti.

  11. @linus i have a question. I bought gigabyte gtx 1080ti oc used for 335$ cuz 1 of the fan was not spinning and i put 1600rpm 120mm fan under that non working fan part to blow air to the gpu. So is 55-70°c temperature ok for gaming? Cuz last time my 600w psu actually died out. Is it cause of heating? Or is it because of overload? My gaming rig specs are: optiplex 390 mini tower case, asus b250m-basalt motherboard, i5-7600 cpu, gigabyte gtx 1080ti oc 11gb gpu, ddr4 2400mhz ram 8gb x2, colorful 256gb ssd for system and 500gb samsung evo 860 for storing my games. Also Gtx 1080ti didn't fit so i removed the hdd holding metal frame thing with drilling the holding pins and instead put 1800rpm generic 120mm fan to intake air from front.

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