Ok WAN Show – WAN Show Nov 29, 2019

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  1. Timestamps:
    Title not working – 0:38
    Overview of topics – 1:46
    Intro – 3:43
    Smart Toilets – 4:38
    YouTube new live dashboard not working – 20:53
    Privacy – 23:16
    China fake news law – 25:56
    Floatplane – 28:59
    Black Friday LTTstore.com34:13
    Sponsors – 37:51
    Facebook buys Beat Games – 41:36
    Modding – 43:50
    AMD cards can use G-sync – 50:46
    New fold in China – 51:26
    Superchats – 52:36
    Outro – 55:28

  2. If everyone eventually uses this smart toilets, then you can very easily track their location through the time you used it while in the workplace, at home, at a friends house, in another country, anywhere in the universe.

  3. C'mon guys. Give us a promo that will actually work in Australia!!!

  4. You know, in the United States, “health data” is heavily regulated, both Federally and States, in comparison to other countries. Smart Toilets could roll out mainstream in the US under current laws.

  5. I'll buy a ridge wallet when it holds notes and coins. To me that's not a wallet and the illuminati with their cashless society can go fuck themselves.

  6. Lol, can't even title your video right? Inputs don't just magically change.

  7. didn't scrubs have a "dr. toilet"

  8. Could you imagine you go to take a pee and then find out you have cancer. And its a fucking toilet breaking the news to you.

  9. Please no eating!!!!!!

  10. 8:40 it think he is talking about Europe.

  11. You can change the file to read only after changing the update status to 4 and it won't update.

  12. Benchwarmers urinal irl

  13. 11.11 a pair of ltt underwear on sale. Sorry guys love you're content, but I'll stick with 12 bucks for a fruit of the loom 5 pack.

  14. Sure that's what we need toilet to snitch on us and collect personal data …

  15. I don't get why people are so afraid of targeted ads. Like yes they're creepy but you don't have to react to them and being targeted, it's more likely to be something you'll actually want to buy

  16. Sweden analyses sewage system to know how much and which drugs certain municipalities use. Thankfully its sweden so its anonymous shit…badum¨tsss

  17. For beetsaber and the like, there should be something where the mods just don't include the song, and when you install the mod, you just also take your (legitimate) mp3 or m4a and put it with the mod. Maybe some sort of patch tool or something.

  18. did linus prick his finger on linen? is that a thing that can happen?

  19. actually that smart toilet would be pretty great if its a small gadget and cheap . A lot more important to have than smartphones tbh.

  20. Damn, every time I try a super chat they have have no time to read them out and it gets missed. I was in the first 10 minutes too :/

  21. Ok WAN show, give me the tech news.

  22. Mass spec isn't a great way to identify compounds, it only tells you how much chemicals weigh and the weight of some of their building blocks, however it's not specific and many compounds can produce similar results.

  23. The other stream is still waiting for Linus:

  24. is ok wan show supossed to be a ok boomer reference

  25. Nice orgasm thumbnail

  26. Ok so guess theres new FP channels coming

  27. 11:22

    Quantum Computers that have created proper Artificial Intelligence.

    That is how we are going to break out of the current data mindset.

    It's already here or is about to be.

  28. When samsung makes a smart toliet I'll buy it. I try to keep everything samsung but samsung doesnt make ram and cpus for pc but I have the note 10 plus

  29. Linus : Smart toilet will diagnose your illnesses
    YouTube : Okay wan show

  30. This is some shitty data

  31. Why does the thumbnail make it seems like Linus taking a piss and Luke taking a dump

  32. i'm all about that terlet. fuck them doctors.

  33. All this "smart" tech is becoming far too invasive. Gtfo. I'm fine with it providing valuable info especially if it's concerning your health but the fact that it's always connected to some app and some 3rd party company is collecting and selling your data disgusts me.

  34. 0:22 Topics
    3:42 Intro
    4:23 Smart toilets
    23:38 Linus Doesn't know how to turn off lights
    24:00 Luke and his pirvacy
    25:55 China and US deepfake law
    28:58 Floatplane
    34:12 LTT black friday promo
    39:52 Savage Jerky Sponser 20%off (savagefriday)
    38:47 Ridge Wallet 10%off (Linus)
    37:55 Sennheiser
    41:49 Facebook buys Beat Games
    50:46 Amd cards can now use G-Sync
    51:52 New Fold out in China
    52:40 Super chats
    55:28 Outtro

  35. When you thought it was a boomer reference but it was really just youtube messing up lol

  36. ltt comunity use torrents for good and share the yew log stream to take load off of the floatplane servers

  37. Luke: "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" also "ThErE sHoUlD bE a LaW"
    Linus: describes a law
    Luke: "oh no, not that one"

    big yikes

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