The BEST Keyboards Under $75!

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45 Comments on “The BEST Keyboards Under $75!”

  1. I really like my g610, but the layout isn't standard so when the keycaps wore after a couple years, I couldn't replace the bottom layer with the really cheap pbt keycaps available on aliexpress. It's a real shame because if it shipped with better keycaps or a standard layout it would be absolutely perfect, but I didn't know at the time I bought

  2. Sadly there wasn't any information about the Keycap build quality. For example the Corsair ones tend to break very quickly

  3. by ranging between $50-75, you missed out on the tecware phantom mechanical, which only costs $45 and its amazing

  4. I took a Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M (with the white led version) for 40€, which are about 45 us dollars I think. It was in sale, and it has Cherry Mx Brown switch. With sleeved cable, programmable profiles and the numpad… I still consider it the best choice for that price.

    (Here the keyboards you said cost more)

  5. Don't hate ornata chroma keyboard, because, It depends on a person, for me personally i hate mechanical keyboards, very harsh sounds from the keyboard itself and the keys are way to high, so i missclick all the time, the ornata chroma is a perfect keyboard for me

  6. I used to only use expensive mechanical keyboards, but I tried the k55 one day about two years ago and ended up immediately buying it and switching. Something about that keyboard just does it for me and I don't even use the macro keys.

  7. I have a similar HAVIT keyboard with Kailh low profile blue switches but TKL.
    Absolutely looooove it! I actually only use it for office engineering work on a T480 Thinkpad laptop, so I hook up the Havit and put my laptop on a laptop riser so it's much more comfortable to do my work.
    Nice clicky feeling and sound and low profile, so very comfortable for large typing sessions.
    Can definitely recommend it or any Havit product

  8. Havit was among the choices of cheap mkb I was considering to buy months ago but my peers recommended to get Tecware Phantom RGB. Bought it and love it, comes with Outemu Red.

  9. So basically your choice is rubbish OEM keyboard or gaming keyboard. But if you want something high quality without gaming design your choice is near null

  10. All i got from this video was, don't spend less than $75 on a keyboard and your pretty much limited if you thing RGB is gay and lame.

  11. i love logitech stuff 😀 my G710+ has been going for almost 4 years now and its still the best i have ever used

  12. I’ve always said Corsair was the best for “Ballin on a Budget”. Their stuff is solid and they have OKAY warranty.

    Thanks for the video! Lots of points I wouldn’t have thought about before, and I’m getting ready to build my budget PC.

  13. cherry mx red's are a complete scam. and so are any other linear switches. you only see them so much now because they're cheap to produce. theyre no better for anything.

  14. Hi Linus, Can you do a review of 27" good monitors for working (coding etc) and little entertainment that I can buy without having having to sell a kidney given Black Friday is coming 🙂

  15. Another plus for Redragon replacement switches. I've had 2 switch actuators (brown clone) shear off inside the keycap when a keyboard falls to the floor. So replacement repair switches are a thing.

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