The Fake Mac Pro Case is SHOCKINGLY GOOD

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  1. That build is more powerful than 2x the new mac pro, Apple are still using shitty Intel CPUs in those

  2. They didn't put the rubber pads in to insulate the power supply to prevent shorts and electric shocks.


    The Verge.

  3. My daughter is in a film school and this would be an excellent editing machine for her. Her present laptop, and only computer is too old to use reliably ( it turns off unexpectedly ).

  4. Not a fan of apple but really not a fan of promoting stolen property. Yes, you call it a rip off but you link to this rip-off anyway…

    On top of that i would really not buy one just because apple will surely use every option to keep this from entering the market and your 250$ are therefor a risky investment.

  5. i kind of think modern case design is questionable. we have sfx power supplies and m.2 drives now. it does not need to be bigger than the apollo guidance computer.

  6. I have a surface pro 6 the only thing that frustrates me is that i have to carry a usb a to usb c connector :p

  7. Just watched Lew over on Unbox Therapy review this case. First thing I thought after was I hope LTT knows this thing exists. Was not disappointed, you guys are awesome.

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