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  1. This guy is going to be the go to guy for tech supplies in a post apocalyptic british columbia 😛

  2. That LG tv can be hacked with a magic ir code to be able to play video

  3. this video gave me anxiety

  4. the editor nailed it!! 13:25

  5. I thought I had a lot of crap at home. But now I feel better 🙂

  6. 768Kb was the 5 1/2 " drive capacity.

    Supreme Commander still lives… On steam and you can download "FA Forever" Which gives you a bunch of mods and maps including the RISK map for Forged Alliance.

    Glad to hear that Linus is a Sup Com nerd as well. 😛

  7. "Ah my first computer from 1995"
    "This is our first hard drive, 650mb"

    Me, eating chips, reminiscing about my first PC XT, circa 1985 with 256kb ram, two 360k floppy drives and no hard drive.

  8. This is actually the first time when Linus is really impressed from a technical standpoint with a persons house.

  9. I wish i had more space, i would probably hoard retro PC stuff too.

  10. I have got a lot of old computers to.
    And all of them have turbo button

  11. Best LTT video in a long time. We need more Brian.

  12. NEXT SCRAP WARS IDEA: three teams who can only use Brian "The Electrician" junk bins to make a gaming PC. Awhhh who we kidding? you can have six teams there!

  13. There's Linus outside again!

  14. Why is your son up on a shelf?
    Guy:”I’m using that as an AMP”

  15. lol id be annoyed if linus went into my house like dis lol

  16. I've seen things I didn't think I'd ever see again…
    The nostalga is just overwhelming :O

    The last time I saw a Floppy drive, the wires melted onto my mobo (Still no idea what caused it, but I did have a cheap PSU, never go for the cheap ones!)

  17. My minecraft server runs on an old laptop

  18. "Thermal paste rag", everyone knows what rag is that 😛

  19. I guess I'm a tech hoarder too. I use a broken printer and broken HDD to keep the pedals for my racingwheel in position on the floor under my desk. As an example. 🙂

  20. what problem? great history lesson 🙂

  21. 5 1/4” floppy’s were like 760KB I reckon

  22. Just recycling this all for 1kg of gold 😉 Yeee we have the same hobby ^^

  23. please make a pc from the portable pc but with rtx 2080 and another monitor

  24. This like a tour of my pc history. 😂

  25. To be fair, LPT and serial ports are still cheerful and plentiful in the label printer busines… (airports, warehouses, anything that packages stuff)

  26. Linus: Says something
    Dan: "Yah…"

  27. Really enjoyed this one. This guy is a hero.

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