This PC is breathtaking!

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29 Comments on “This PC is breathtaking!”

  1. makes total sense to put a 2TB HDD in this total overkill Rig instead of going crazy and instead using a 2TB Samsung Evo 860 for ex instead facepalm

  2. the ammount of prebuilt pc videos, costing more than 90% of can afford is too high man. these could all be the same model for all i know but with custom decals pr game. what happened to the sleeper pc series? that was maybe your best work ever imo

  3. i don’t usually like saying “hate” comments but the only thing different between every origin pc you guys get, is the design or colours of the rgb. it’s annoying to see the same system with a different livery every month or two.

  4. if i won this id fuck off the custom water cooling entirely and install an aio for the cpu. Too much hassle to maintain plus it looks hideous. I'd also fuck off the ugly ass case for an nzxt case.

  5. Stop using this BGM…
    There is a very low volume sound of Samsung chime notification…
    Inthought I was daydreaming that there were notification on my phone.

    I was watching this on my Tablet

  6. I guess I know how to say Keanu in Canadian, now. Can’t say that was something I ever cared to know, though, so I’m not really sure how I feel right now. Haha

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