Water cooling the FASTEST Mac on the Planet

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  1. Arrg another one of these drawn out. wait 2 months. Oh were back for another installment. Get on with it

  2. Linus, your kid doesnt have a future on this planet because of all this pointless tech and waste. Get some responsibility on your channel.

  3. If you did have a leak how are you going to find it? Usually soapy water is used or submerging everything into a bucket of water neither of which would be recommended in this use case.

  4. Did they ever mention they’d be giving out detailed blueprints and a how-to? I really like the case. And imagining running windows on it natively is pretty nice!

  5. Never talk about China on WAN and never do this shitty builds anymore, please. This is SHIT beyond laughs.

  6. Guys by the time you finish making this build, Apple would have made hackintosh obsolete all together

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