We Built His Dream Family Gaming Rig – ROG Rig Reboot 2019

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  1. Holy hell Linus, could you be even more insecure about yourself that you have to bully this guy every step of the way?
    Spend less time putting gel into that 90's boyband haircut and spend more on fixing that shitty personality of yours.

  2. "I'm not here because I'm judging you."
    "But you are a little."
    *camera look

    Few minutes later:
    "I'm groping in the dark here, so anything I do here after this is guessing. .. So I'd probably go with, the memory next."
    "Sure! It can only go in one way… .. Where would you like to put it?"

    I started half paying attention due to working on something, so if I missed others, I'm sorry for that.

  3. But…. I made a video for rog rig reboot but the competition was during my exams. Can you please change the date to april or May next time

  4. Was anybody else annoyed when they didn't mount the aura terminal to a 2.5 inch bay and then faced the psu down so they couldn't see the oled display

  5. Well seems as you have built one for someone in Bolton Massachusetts, can you now send one to Bolton in the UK? 😉😉

  6. It would've sucked if linus said "If he can't turn it on, he can't keep it" and then it didn't turn on due to a dead on arrival part.

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