We gave out GAMING PCs for Halloween!!

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We gave out GAMING PCs for Halloween!! 1
We gave out GAMING PCs for Halloween!! 2
We gave out GAMING PCs for Halloween!! 3
We gave out GAMING PCs for Halloween!! 4
We gave out GAMING PCs for Halloween!! 5

47 Comments on “We gave out GAMING PCs for Halloween!!”

  1. i dont know wyh but i…….. just……

    crying inside right now

    ah for fuck sake i REALLY want those things

    i broke af ok

  2. And I wish I was in your neighborhood…I would've changed costumes over and over until I have built a pc lol 😂

  3. In the Netherlands we have an equivalent of Halloween. Called Sint Maarten. And when I was a kid the streets were full of groups of children going house to house singing. We even had to wait for other groups to finish singing. Now.. basically no one.

  4. Linus: "I shouldn't have to explain why we can't geht out and lure children.." Dennis: "Laughing demonically.. I'm just trying to do good things!!" you guys are awesome if thats not scripted I'm speechless… x)

  5. Could you f*cking imagine being just a normal kid just wanting something like a KitKat and a guy that uses like an ocean of gel for his hair opens up the door and dumps a gaming pc on your head and you're totally confused

  6. So what just happened…
    Linus gave away hundreds of bucks to mostly unfriendly children that arent even allowed to play hardcore blockbuster games because they are mostly shooters.

  7. Casually staring at my Seasonic 660 Plat PSU Box which has 7 year warranty which I got 7 years ago when I was 13… PSU still going strong all these years

  8. Enjoy 2020 halloween. If I lived in B.C after watching this video I'm creeping around your house hoping you're handing out computer parts again.

    I don't think you realize what you have done Linus.

  9. soooo dumb …. the parents are going to get home search how much that shit is and sell it and buy their kid a new game or something to shut them up …

  10. all those kids will be back next year and oh boy will they be disappointed hahaha. They will have a giant line just waiting

  11. Wanna bet there will be some angry parent that doesn't agree with their kid having a cellphone or any kind of gaming computer and forces them to bring it back or doesn't allow them to use it, or won't believe they got it for free and think they stole it and takes it away from them.
    This has all kinds of potential family drama written over it.

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