We RUINED His Gaming Rig

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40 Comments on “We RUINED His Gaming Rig”

    bloody hell linus XD

    also vegimite is fantastic, you need to spead it on your toast really thin and have it with butter, you cant just slap a chunk of it on ya toast or it will taste like shit

  2. 15:43 They did the same with my card. Just got a 2080 Super from Asus. It works really well. It locks the card down tight so all bumps to the box are absorbed by the packaging materials instead.

  3. I am waiting for that day when winners of the ROG reboot saying that they have a very old pc spec with 9700k+rtx 2080 and not even able to open up chrome tabs , hangs up and fail to load triple a games from the future..
    That would be an interesting future…

  4. Way to destroy the packaging on the gpu. The leveraged plastic has been a packaging method for well over 5 years that I'm familiar with tech devices.

  5. i've built multiple PC's perfectly fine, but even i would have issues putting it together with Linus breathing down my neck and watching me with those judgy eyes. lol

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