WhatsApp for iPhone Updated with New Privacy Features

WhatsApp has released a new update for iOS, bringing the app to version 2.19.120 on iPhone.

The update comes with several notable improvements, the first of which comes down to a new privacy option that is specifically aimed at groups.

Beginning with this version, WhatsApp users on iPhone can control you can add them to groups, requiring admins to send you a private invite instead of simply adding them. At this point, adding someone to a group means they automatically join it, so the new option makes it possible for users to request an invite before this happens and get more control over their groups.

The new option can be found under Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

Call waiting support

WhatsApp is rapidly evolving from a standard mobile messaging app to a communications platform, and this update introduces call waiting support. The application now allows users to accept an incoming WhatsApp call even when they are already on a call, which works pretty much the same way as on the standard mobile calls.

Version 2.19.120 also comes with an updated Chats screen with additional design improvements, and WhatsApp says users should now be able to scan their messages easier. The visual facelift, however, isn’t as significant as users expect, as the interface of the application hasn’t received a major overhaul in a long time.

The accessibility side of WhatsApp has also been improved, and the changelog, which you can find in full in the box after the jump, introduces options to send messages directly from the Braille keyboard when using VoiceOver mode.

You can download the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS from the App Store. Keep in mind, however, that the application only works on iPhone, as iPad and iPod are not supported.


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