Wireless VR is REALLY Good – ft ORIGIN Tetris PC

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Wireless VR is REALLY Good - ft ORIGIN Tetris PC 1
Wireless VR is REALLY Good - ft ORIGIN Tetris PC 2
Wireless VR is REALLY Good - ft ORIGIN Tetris PC 3
Wireless VR is REALLY Good - ft ORIGIN Tetris PC 4
Wireless VR is REALLY Good - ft ORIGIN Tetris PC 5

43 Comments on “Wireless VR is REALLY Good – ft ORIGIN Tetris PC”

  1. Jake: "Yeah, I wonder if even in a blind taste test you would be able to tell"
    Linus: "No."
    (Rhett & Link have entered the chat)

  2. I instantly dislike when i see Jake and Origin PC´S, putting them together in one video..oh boy.. Freaking hate that guy.

  3. so how many limbs am i going to have to sacrifice to get this in england?

    this means i dont know if originpc supports international.

  4. That is one ugly ass PC. If I spent that much on a PC, I would definitely need a different case to go with it. Oh and, if I'm then also getting two GPUs, I better be able to actually see them both too. Dual GPUs is just for bragging rights now anyways.,

  5. Why use the OG Vive when you could use the Vive Pro with the same wireless card (with a significant resolution bump) or the Vive Cosmos (with slightly better resolution than the Index)? I thought you guys were always pushing the insane things tech wise. Pairing Origin's Tetris PC with the original Vive feels like a SEVERE disservice, especially considering that 2 2080 Supers could handle any of the aforementioned wireless options with ease. Tsk Tsk

  6. The only parts of that system I like are the Video Cards and the brand of the motherboard (MS)… But thats it!!! Eww, Corsair!! Should be using G.Skill!

  7. I’d love that mother board with Tetris built in as well as the graphics on the show glass. ❤️ Sadly I doubt I could ever afford something like this 😂 and I also want one with a Blu-ray/DVD/cd disk drive. But hopefully I could get a gaming themed build similar to this in the future. ❤️

  8. They missed the mark on the GFX card positioning, they should have made it look like it was falling into / locked into the blocks on the side panel, right now it looks like a mistake is about to be made…

  9. "But we gonna just use it for ousleves because we don't have friends"
    I'm always happy to see that LTT uses always pretty realistic scenarios for its viewers.

  10. I'm pretty sure Tetris Effect should support normal gamepads while in VR too. It's not like you need motion control for anything besides your head.

  11. You smart people here, Is there any SLI Bridge aka Nvlink where I can connect two GPU's where on is vertical mounted and another somehow on mainboard – normal position

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