YouTube P Score Drama – WAN Show Nov 1, 2019

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YouTube P Score Drama - WAN Show Nov 1, 2019 1
YouTube P Score Drama - WAN Show Nov 1, 2019 2
YouTube P Score Drama - WAN Show Nov 1, 2019 3
YouTube P Score Drama - WAN Show Nov 1, 2019 4
YouTube P Score Drama - WAN Show Nov 1, 2019 5

45 Comments on “YouTube P Score Drama – WAN Show Nov 1, 2019”

  1. Jokes on y’all, I watch the WAN show at 2x speed.


    0:29 – Rundown of topics
    1:06 – Intro
    1:40 – YouTube P scores
    12:43 – Origins of advertiser friendly LMG
    15:24 – Why Linus finds swearing funnier when its bleeped
    18:10 – Youtube analytics time
    37:07 – Sponsor: MOS Kickstarter
    39:00 – Sponsor: Honey
    40:08 – Sponsor: Freshbooks
    41:04 – Netflix playback speed
    50:55 – Yyvone vs Linus
    55:55 – Channel Super Fun updates
    1:00:15 – Nick barges in with LTT store merch
    1:03:42 – Super chats

    Also lol y’all missed a topic. What happened to Google buying FitBit

  2. People only want 60fps video because of video games… They don't understand frame rated and just see that video games are typically at 60fps or higher.

  3. @ 57:30 FPS argument… i watch EVERYTHING at 60FPS (or rather 48FPS … source x2) through SVP (Smooth Video Project)
    i can literally not stand the low framerate anymore when anything is panning.
    I'd much rather stuff was filmed at 60FPS and the viewer who insists on 24FPS gets a slowed down version, i just want that extra picture information for smooth movement and less motion blur.
    When i watch the Tie-Fighters in star wars in 3D in the local cinema, i hate that the framerate is so low because i can see that it is stuttering like a videogame at 30FPS and in 3D it is even more irritating because your eye attempts to focus on the moving object and its just… hopping from place to place.
    If you use static cameras, like in Star Trek TNG, then i got no problem with low FPS, but as soon as you move the camera around the panning gets choppy. If you have scrolling text (credits) …it looks choppy. I hate it.

    Also i live in PAL Speedup country… they've been messing with the pitch of the english voice overs on our DVDs to the speed that my PAL SNES F-Zero cars drive at my entire childhood.

  4. 60 fps video looks like fucking shit. 60 fps content is made for viewers who are mentally retarded and actually think it's better because games are better at higher fps and no other reason, they are delusional.

  5. I watch almost every video on YouTube on 1.5x Speed. After a week or two of 'trainig' stopped noticing that the videos are faster than normal.

    I thinks it's annyoing that some Hollywood-people are so vocal about this. It's not their business how I consume their stuff. They argue that art should be consumed the way the creator intended.
    But if I buy a painting and put it on the wall upside down, the painter can't do shit about that. Why should it be different with movies?

  6. Watching movies as intended is so bizarre, how about stupid ads mid movie, are they planned during movie production? how is that different than changing speed of content you watch ?

  7. Hello. I really like your video and are very helpful. Here i learned wich products is best for my pc and im really grateful. I'm trying to find a way to connect 2 or more tv and make bigger one. It will be really helpful if you make a vido about this

  8. I think YouTube should create a sister site that would separate amateur non monetized content like in the beginning vs professional monetized content this way the people on the non monetized sister site would have more freedom to produce free speech content while the original site can focus on maximizing potential micro marketing technics to watchers think FB adds. YouTube will also be able to use the valuable data from the sister site to generate income for the site to run itself and probably more lol. Anyway that's my 3 cents

  9. I had a browser plugin that could speed up most web videos on command. Occasionally if I watch something and it's really good I'll slow it back down to 1x

  10. Once a month (or quarterly) you could do an entire bonus show of just superchats. Advertise when it will be so that people will tune in. Then everyone’s questions will get answered

  11. Tech that has been around since 80s.

    Netflix add tool from vhs and DVD.

    Artist how dare you skim through my work of art … cough cough trash….

  12. Blueray/DVD player can do speeds 2x plus. I cannot stand normal speed and do not watch anything at normal speed. At the very least I need 1.5x but I watch everything at 2x including movies (really good movies at 1.5x). I do not have the time to watch at normal speeds either. Also somewhat in the same category are some disabilities. Such as changing the color if color blind or doing mono sound for hearing issues. I don't watch live streaming because I cannot change the speed. If I cannot control how I watch the content then that content does not get my money.

  13. you should push people to sign up for premium. it's good for creators, more affordable than per-channel subscriptions, and takes power away from advertisers.

  14. WAN show is one of the few things I watch sped up. In fact, even if I see if it goes live, I'll ignore it and wait for it to finish so I can watch the VOD sped up.

  15. lol only 200,000 subscribers on the channel, ive been on the platform since you started, you should be a little more humble than you are thats the messed up part. (well tbh i only started taking my content more seriously in the past maybe year, excluding some tech difficulties i have to deal with, but yea) i got chosen for the stupid beta 🙁 its killing my upload schedule and how i do it 🙁

  16. Okay, but irrational numbers are infinitely precise, so does that mean they take infinite factors into account? More numbers means the person who wrote that single line of code probably just felt good about 5

  17. "My P is bigger than Will Smith's P!"–Linus Sebastian, Head of LMG, 2019

    "Still not that big, though."–Yvonne, Linus' wife 2019

  18. I literally Never check Treding. There's just a bunch of cringy swedish drama channels and music, witch i don't care for at all. But i can jump from Subs to Home 50 times a day.

  19. The Trending page is specially designed for people that just waste time on YouTube. For actual content you go Home or Subscriptions, imo.

  20. Linus about Channel superfun in 4K, you are missing one big point on most of your channels. What do you think? What is more important for viewers, Content quality or Quality of content. Look at your YouTube analytics how many viewers are actually watching your videos in 4K? Please stop doing this rush after highest video quality at the expence of not publishing them at all. Most of people are still using 10/1Mbit DSL internet bandwith that is absolutely unsufficient for watching 4K 60 FPS content. They are huge part of your audience including me.

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