Activating Microsoft Plus! For Windows XP Still Works 18 Years After Launch

Launched in late 2001, Windows XP is still a thing these days, despite the fact that Microsoft officially pulled it back in April 2014.

And as it turns out, not only Windows XP continues to run flawlessly nowadays, but also some of the products that were launched alongside it in October 2001.

For many, Microsoft Plus! is a name that doesn’t ring any bells, mostly because it’s such an old piece of software. And it makes sense actually, as nobody would expect an 18-year-old application to still be around these days.

But as YouTuber Michael MJD discovered, Microsoft Plus! keeps working these days on Windows XP, and what’s more, it can even be activated by phone using the steps indicated in the activation screen.

Automated activation process

And of course, it’s all powered by Microsoft’s automated process that allows for products like Windows, Office, and others to be activated just by providing essential information like the installation ID to a robot that takes care of everything.

Honestly, Microsoft still allowing the activation of Microsoft Plus! isn’t necessarily surprising, mostly because not supporting this anymore might force the company to issue refunds to those who purchased a product. Sure, it may not make much sense given only a few people still use ancient software, but those who do still have to be provided with means of activating applications that they previously purchased.

For those wondering what Microsoft Plus! actually is, this pack of tools launched alongside Windows XP and included a series of extras like themes, screen savers, skins for apps such as Windows Media Player, and a number of other applications, such as an MP3 converter, and a CD Label Maker.

You can watch the whole activation process in the video below:

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