Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review: The display—limited as it is—justifies the $10 upcharge

The Echo Dot with Clock is the very same third-generation device as the Echo Dot, but with one feature added: a simple LED display beneath the cloth band encircling the device that does almost nothing more than display the current time. After living with one for a couple of weeks, I can honestly say that addition easily makes it worth $10 more than the regular Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot with Clock’s display will also show the current outdoor temperature, and if you set a timer, it will flash a countdown. Those features are helpful, too, but they must be initiated with vocal commands (e.g., “Alexa, what’s the temperature?”), so they aren’t nearly as useful. Given that the most frequent question users ask Alexa is, “What time is it?” it’s a wonder that Amazon’s Echo product managers didn’t think of this earlier—and that their counterparts at Google didn’t beat them to the punch when they designed the Nest Mini.

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echo dot w clock buttons Michael Brown / IDG

The buttons on the Echo Dot with Clock are the same as the regular third-gen Echo Dot.

Audio performance

In terms of being a high-quality music speaker, the Echo Dot with Clock comes no closer than anything else in Amazon’s arsenal—save perhaps for the Echo Studio, which I’ll be reviewing next; in fact, the Nest Mini delivers a superior sonic performance. The Echo Dot with Clock delivers decent bass response for its size, but a comparatively muddy midrange makes it difficult to distinguish one instrument from another.

But you don’t need to rely on the Echo itself for audio reproduction: You can pair it with an outboard Bluetooth speaker, or you can plug in any self-powered loudspeaker that has a 3.5mm analog aux input. Bass lovers, meanwhile, can pair one or two of these speakers (for stereo) with the Echo Sub for very good bass response. In terms of music, you won’t find those last two features on the Nest Mini, but that smart speaker’s capacitive touch pause button is vastly superior to yelling “Alexa, pause!”

echo dot w clock aux output Michael Brown / IDG

A 3.5mm analog aux output is one of two ways you can substitute the Echo Dot’s internal speaker with something more robust (Bluetooth is the other).

Setup and installation

This smart speaker is very easy to set up, especially if you already have other Echo devices in your home, since the Alexa app will remember your Wi-Fi credentials—you can just pick the one you want to connect to from a list. There’s a dual-band Wi-Fi adapter onboard, so you can connect it to either a 2.4GHz or 5GHz network.

You also have the option of creating a multi-room audio system with other Echo speakers, Echo Show smart displays, or Echo-compatible speakers, including Sonos smart speakers…

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