Electronic music radio DI.FM finally adds Android Auto support

Electronic music fans must’ve been particularly nice this year as the popular electronic music radio app DI.FM gave them an early Christmas present: The latest update to the application finally adds Android Auto support, a feature some people have been wanting for more than a year already.

As soon as you install DI.FM, you should be all set to listen to your favorite stations via Android Auto. The app should automatically appear as a shortcut on your car’s dashboard when you start up Google’s driving interface. You can also use DI.FM on Android Auto’s phone interface while it’s still around. Just tap on the music icon in the bottom row to select DI.FM as your audio provider.


** Added Android Auto support! ** Now you can upgrade your driving experience by listening to your favorite electronic music behind the wheel. All in a way that allows you to stay safe and focused on the road. Just connect your phone to the pre-installed Android in-car system, compatible dock or car display and you’ll be ready to go.

Bug Fixes:
– Fix app was not responding or crashing errors
– Fix UI errors
– Fix some channel and playlist editing bugs
– Misc bug fixes
– Improved performance

To get the latest update, head to the Play Store or download it from APK Mirror. Have fun listing to some electronic beats while you’re driving home for Christmas.



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