How to Enable Google Chrome’s QR Code Generator

One of the new features coming to Google Chrome users is a built-in QR code generator that makes it easier for users to share pages to mobile devices.

Google Chrome already features several ways to send links and content to mobile devices, but by the looks of things, the Mountain View-based search giant keeps looking for ways to enhance the whole process.

And the latest experiment comes down to a QR code generator that users can access right from the main UI of the browser.

What does sharing have to do with QR codes? you may ask. Basically, what Google wants to do is allow Chrome browser to generate a QR code for any page that you load in the app. The QR code includes information about the website, including the link, so when you scan it with your phone, the mobile browser will then be pointed right to the address of the page.

This is something that’s very convenient for those who haven’t synchronized their devices. But at the same time, simply saving the QR code and then emailing it or allowing someone else to scan it is an easy way to share a website address with a different device without the need for turning to third-party apps.

At this point, the QR code generator is still in its early days in Google Chrome, so the latest version of Canary does allow us to enable it, only that it doesn’t work exactly as expected for now.

On my computer, the QR code generator fails to load, while for others, it does load but the QR code itself is nowhere to be seen. Of course, given this idea is still in the experiment stage, it could take a while until it becomes more polished, and at that point it should be ready to make its way to beta and stable builds of the browser too.

Google is also testing two different approach to reach the QR code generator. The feature could be added in the Google Chrome menu or in the address bar, as you can see in the screenshots here. The address bar approach makes more sense going forward, as it’s faster than the menu and a single click launches it.

The good news is that despite the fact that the QR code generator still isn’t finished, you can enable it in the browser and wait for the daily updates that could get it working. To do this, all you need is to follow the next simple steps.

First and foremost, update to the latest version of Chrome Canary. I’m doing this test on Canary version 81.0.3991.0, so any release newer than this should do it.

Then, in the address bar of the browser, type the following command:


Next, using the search box at the top, look for the following flag:

Enable sharing page via QR code

As a shortcut, you can copy the following link and paste it in the Chrome address bar:


As you’ll notice, the flag is currently set to the Default value, which means it’s disabled. So what you need to do is click the drop-down menu to expand the available options and then switch it to Enabled. You’ll have to reboot your browser, but…

How to Enable Google Chrome’s QR Code Generator 1
How to Enable Google Chrome’s QR Code Generator 2
How to Enable Google Chrome’s QR Code Generator 3
How to Enable Google Chrome’s QR Code Generator 4
How to Enable Google Chrome’s QR Code Generator 5

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