If Apple Kills the Port …

The upcoming iPhone is said to have no ports, what does this mean for the rest of the industry??

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49 Comments on “If Apple Kills the Port …”

  1. It really looks like the iPhone port is going to be killed off and I think it's gonna make some weird waves in the industry. Would you be cool with a port-less phone?

  2. I still don't want a phone without a headphone jack. Wireless headphones can be irritating at times, you'll charge it once in a while and it's there when you need it. Sound quality is also different from wired to wireless. But that's just me.

  3. absolutely terrible idea. 

    Charge on the go? Cant or limited use.

    Use device while charging. Cant.

    Still would have to be placed on a charging pad… that's plugged in.

    Battery Case? More bulk and still would have too charge the case… plugged in.

    Transfer data other than air drop? who knows.

    if some sort of wireless charger is included, packaging now becomes bigger + more expensive product.

    so many downs to this with NO actual benefit.  this lame water resistant excuse? I don't think anyone is going diving with their iPhones.

    phones are already  as water proof as they ever need to be. period.

  4. I use a iPhone XS and I don’t use my lightning port to charge my phone. I use my wireless charging pad do so. For me phone’s battery is enough to use all day an in the night I will charge it. So for me removing lightning port won’t be a big deal. (If they add a good way to transfer videos and photos to windows). I guess for most people it’s the same

  5. TBH the only way i see this working is if they implement a better battery that can hold a charge for a long time(around twice the 11 pro) because it will be hard to find another person with a qi charger, and of course they will have to find a way to charge the phone at least on a speed close to the iphones we have now. otherwise is a really stupid idea

  6. I have both usb-c and an headphone jack on my phone and i like it. I want to have wireless charging do for next phone. I think i rather have the ports, maybe the design will look a bit better without ports but you still use the ports. Maybe in the future you can connect you phone to the laptop by putting in close to it to transfer files or maybe connect to computer via wifi. To apple i think many use the cloud to save or transfer files, its very convinient however i dont wanna upload my private stuff to a cloud, i rather have it on a usb drive not connected to Internet for a backup.

  7. I've been thinking about making a device with the exact idea, but Apple can't innovate and it'll probably be a flop.

  8. They might find a way to transfer data via a proprietary wireless charging standard that they'll make. The phone would still charge using QI charging pads but it would also have this new tech where you'd plug the pad into your computer and then it would allow for transferring of data. I know that IOS really locks down what you can transfer directly to a computer but if i'm not mistaken, when it comes to developing apps and such you do need to plug your device into a mac.
    This way they can avoid removing a big feature and they can make a shit ton off of an accessory that will most definitely be expensive.

  9. i still want the headphone jack back, if i didn't have a decent job and the right discounts i wouldn't have airpods – its a lot of money for all this shit

  10. Sure it’s a conversation worth having, but Apple makes $$$ on the lightning port. Wireless charging is universal, there are too many third party ones to compete if Apple made their own, hence they’d lose money. My guess is, they won’t do it. Apple loves continuity, so would the iPad be port less? No, to many problems to charge an iPad wirelessly.

  11. It would be interesting if "no ports" meant replacing the lightning port with the smart connector and the charging cable would have MagSafe technology that was previously used in the MacBooks charging adaptor. That would be really awesome.

  12. Hi Dave
    as much as I would not like to see the ports taken away when you look at how Apple is a forward thinking company I think that yes we will lose the ports and go to wireless and other companies will follow it’s the future of electronics

  13. To all the folks talking about wireless charging pads, why do we think we HAVE TO charge using a charging pad? Mag safe was once a thing. Suppose that came to iPhone?

    I don't think we're at a point where a portless iPhone is practical but I think people sometimes need to be more open minded for what's possible.

  14. No single port means you cannot plug your headphone jack dongle, boosting airpods future sales
    s t o n k s

    Also, I still prefer cables to transfer my files.

  15. They’re not going to kill the charging port man relax. If you’re in school and need to quickly charge ur phone, you’re going to pull out a wireless charger? Naa man.

  16. The real question here is: what will the user experience be like? Seems like most end users use their phone while it's charging. This seems like it would only work if apple can crate a wireless charger and battery that can charge up from 0 to 50%+ in 10 – 15 minutes which would keep phone down time, well, down.

    This also makes project soli from Google look more enticing especially if they can get it to do what they demo-ed it doing when they first talked about it

  17. I am pretty excited!!!😍😍😍
    I wanted a phone with no ports!
    I taught about that before. What about charging with a magnetic port which isn't wireless and will charge the device super fast!

  18. Wouldn't surprise me given this is the company that just made a 16 in creator/workstation laptop with 0 ports other than thunderbolt and usb c. Regular USB? SD card slot? HDMI port? What are those? Who would ever want those in a professional/workstation laptop…………. lol.

  19. Removing charging port will be the stupid decision ever just like 3.5 mm jack.
    Apple just wants more $$ and highlights in the market.

  20. The removal of a mechanical home button is also a minor signifier of Apple's push toward minimalism. Do you think they'd rather have haptic volume buttons too?

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