Speedtest now has a VPN in its mobile apps, because why not?

At this point, there are more VPN services than anyone can reasonably keep track of, all offering roughly the same features β€” with varying levels of security, anyway. In case you really needed another option, Speedtest.net has now added a VPN function to its Android and iOS apps.

Speedtest has plans for a paid tier, but for now, you can only use the free plan with 2GB of data. There doesn’t appear to be any unique features or advantages to using this service over other VPN offerings, and it’s even worse than most competing options, because there is no desktop client. Speedtest claims to not collect any logs, but again, most other services make that same claim.

If you need another free VPN service to use, Speedtest will probably do the job. It’s part of the regular Speedtest mobile app, so at least you won’t have to download anything extra.


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