The 2020 State of Breach Protection Survey – Call for Participation

2010-2019 decade will be remembered as the time in which cybersecurity became acknowledged as a critical concern for all organizations.

With rapidly growing security needs and respective budgets, it is now more essential than ever for security decision-makers to zoom out of the ‘products’ mindset and assess their security stack in light of the overall breach protection value that their investments return.

The 2020 State of Breach Protection Survey (click here to participate) attempts to map out for the first time how breach protection is practiced and maintained globally – what are the common products, services, concerns, and challenges that are most common amongst organizations.

Any security professional filling the anonymous salary survey questionnaire, organised by The Hacker News in partnership with Cynet, will get a free copy of the survey report once it is released in January 2020. You can complete the questionnaire here.

Why is that important? Because unlike ‘endpoint protection,’ or ‘next-generation firewall,’ breach protection is not a strictly defined category and most chances are that – again, unlike these previous two examples – there is no budget in your…

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